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Hotel Administrator: duties and functions

The first person you see at the hotel is the hotel administrator. Always sweet and friendly, he will try to do everything that depends on him, only to make your stay unforgettable and comfortable.

From the outside, it may seem that the duties of the hotel administrator are limited only by providing the keys to the number and registering you in the database. To dispel this myth, let's take a closer look at the work of one of the main employees of the recreation complex.

Often the post of administrator is called "porter". Translated from French, this word means "door". The specialist of the hotel received this name because his workplace - the reception desk is in the immediate vicinity of the entrance, and he meets guests. This formulation, of course, is not accurate, because the administrator in the hotel performs much more functions, based on his job description. So, it should ensure the smooth operation of all services of the hotel, check the readiness of the room for check-in, check the availability of necessary drinks and snacks in the minibar, coordinate the work of subordinates. In small hotels, the administrator is responsible not only for the registration of guests, reception for the protection of keys and valuables (in the safe), but also preparing a room for accommodation, informing guests about the main sights of the city and how to get there.

One of the most important functions performed by the hotel administrator is the reservation of the rooms by phone, e-mail and other means of communication, control of the hotel's loading and fixing the absence of guests on the scheduled day. The untimely accounting of the number of booked and populated rooms can lead to a situation of "overbooking" - in other words, guests will buy more rooms than there are in the hotel in free use.

Quite often, the administrator of the hotel receives requests for booking additional services, in the first place, this refers to the possibility of providing tourists with extra beds for children and adults or changing the room category. If there is such an opportunity, the category of rooms can be changed, already living in the hotel, having made an additional payment.

All questions, disputes and conflict situations are also the responsibility of the hotel administrator, within the limits of the powers conferred on him. Who, if not he, should make a decision on the complaint received from the client, if he was not given a pre-booked number, services, if he had problems with payment.

For any hotel, profit is the main goal, so the hotel administrator also has the function of controlling the departure of guests, during which the payment of all accounts must be checked.

To properly and accurately ensure the work of all services, the hotel administrator must know the rules for the provision of hotel services, maintenance of premises, rules for staffing, hotel structure and other aspects. This knowledge is necessary to perform its work in a high-quality and professional manner.

The title of "hotel person" is important and responsible. Regardless of the situations and problems that occur in the hotel, a good mood, a smile do not leave the administrator, because the service industry is based, first of all, on hospitality.

Every person can become the administrator of the hotel complex: you have to go to university, technical school or hotel management courses and have a great desire to work. Knowledge of foreign languages is welcomed, especially if the hotel is located in a tourist center with a large flow of tourists.

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