When it is necessary mrt-study of the head and blood vessels

MRI - an abbreviation, which is disclosed as a magnetic resonance imaging. This method makes it possible to scan the internal organs of a person, the tissues of the body without using ionizing radiation. A method is based on the investigation of the electromagnetic response (resonance) from atomic nuclei, primarily the nuclei of hydrogen atoms, which, when excited in a magnetic field, help to count information on the state of internal organs and their work.

Diagnosis with Apparatus of MRI   It is practically harmless for a person. You can learn more about it on the website, but it gives you the opportunity to get the maximum possible information about this or that organ. In particular, this method is actively used to follow the brain, the state of its vessels and the function of neurons. MRI successfully detects tumors, hematomas, ischemia ischemia, in which blood circulation is disturbed, and many other things that make the patient dizzy, headache, tinnitus, etc. Moreover, the use of magnetic resonance to diagnose the state of the brain, as well as vessels - is, at the moment, the most modern, accurate, fast and reliable method of diagnosis.

There are many indications for the purpose of diagnosis by means of magnetic resonance. Among them:

- Headaches, especially of unclear origin

- Dizziness

- Speech disorders, movement disorders

- Anomalies in the development of the brain

- States with loss of consciousness, as well as disruption of orientation, memory

- Suspicion of a brain tumor

- Strokes and suspicion of them

- Multiple sclerosis

- Parasites in the brain, a suspicion of their presence

- Head injuries

- Dysfunction of the respiratory system, cardiac activity, etc.

MRI allows you to consider tumors, cysts, hematomas, vascular aneurysms, edema, foci of stroke and multiple sclerosis, the presence of parasites, etc. This method also makes it possible to see how pathological formations and foci affect the neighboring tissues and organs.

Modern tomographs develop a magnetic field strength of 1.5 Teslo and can give information when cutting tissues at 1.5 mm, which means that the disorder can be identified when the pathological process is at the very beginning, in the early stages. Due to this, the effectiveness of treatment is increased at times.

In order to make the diagnosis on the MRI unit as efficient as possible, it is necessary to choose a clinic with modern equipment that employs qualified MRI experts, as well as to follow all the instructions that the doctor will give before carrying out the research.

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