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A properly organized workplace is the key to business success

Correctly organized workplace will provide all necessary for conducting trading activities. It should be convenient and contribute to the creation of a working environment and psychological comfort, since it is here that the trader spends a significant part of his time.

The workplace of the trader must be organized taking into account the following requirements:

- the room should be a well-lit and isolated place with a comfortable temperature. It should be borne in mind that for a successful work such an environment should be created in which there would be no distracting factors (for example, the presence of strangers);

- as the equipment is used a convenient computer desk with a desk or a computer desk, which must correctly place the light sources;

- You can use the usual office variant as an armchair; however, the best variant is an anatomical chair whose height should correspond to the location of the monitor at eye level, and the hands should be in the form of a perpendicular to the shoulders (so that fingers and hands do not get tired);

- As for the monitor, then the principle of maximalism should work (the larger the diagonal, the better);

- and, of course, an additional power supply must be connected with the possibility of switching to work using an uninterruptible power supply.

The workplace will be considered correctly organized, if the physiology of labor is observed. To do this, it is necessary to get out of the chair rather often (at least once every two hours) and to do a certain set of physical exercises that will promote the activation of blood circulation and musculature.

The workplace passport is one of the main documents that provides the ability to obtain a characteristic of the level of costs, the organization of manual labor, the use of special equipment and other information on the production activities of business entities. The most relevant is the document at machine-building enterprises, where automated and complex mechanized lines and specialized equipment are constantly being implemented.

The term "workplace" is also defined in art.209 of the LC RF, where it is clearly stated that this is the place where the employee should be in the process of his work, and which should be under the control of the employer. And all the same article stipulates working conditions, presented in the form of a combination of factors in the sphere of production and the labor process, which affect the health of the worker and his efficiency.

The workplace must undergo obligatory attestation, which, in accordance with the norms of the labor legislation, is supposed to assess the working conditions. In the process of such verification, harmful or dangerous factors of production are identified , and according to its results, planning is carried out to bring the conditions of labor organization into compliance with state regulatory requirements.

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