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Maxler VitaMen: feedback readings for application features

Maxler VitaMen is a balanced vitamin complex created with all the needs of the body of men involved in sports. Reviews about Maxler VitaMen reflect the rapid positive effect of the drug on the body, based on a specially selected composition of the drug. His reception is relevant for athletes engaged in weightlifting.

Important! Sections that should be carefully examined before taking Maxler VitaMen - reviews, instructions for use and composition of the drug.

What are special vitamins for?

Heavy workouts significantly increase the body's need for a number of vitamins and trace elements, in particular, it is magnesium and vitamin B6. These substances are necessary for the following metabolic processes:

  • Full-fledged protein synthesis - it is necessary to restore muscle fibers;
  • The correct construction of muscle cells from protein molecules;
  • Removal of excessive tension of the nervous system - this will help normalize the regime of the day, eliminate pathological fatigue, make sleep more effective;
  • Optimization of metabolism in the nerve and muscle cells, which contributes to better physical tolerance of the body and significantly increases the effectiveness of training;
  • Optimization of muscle recovery after a heavy load.

Signs of deficiency of necessary elements

Deficiency of magnesium and vitamin B6 leads to the appearance of symptoms, familiar to many who have recently started to exercise:

  • Sharply increased fatigue;
  • Lethargy;
  • The appearance of sleep disorders: increased drowsiness or, on the contrary, insomnia;
  • Unreasonable anxiety, down to anxiety;
  • Unmotivated irritability;
  • General decline of forces.

This symptom complex develops some time after the start of intensive training and is a signal of depletion of the resources of the nervous system.

Judging by the reviews of the vitamins Maxler VitaMen, such symptoms are especially pronounced in the case of a combination of physical training with the reception of funds from the category of so-called fat burners. This fact also indicates how important for metabolism are magnesium and vitamin B6.

Description and reviews of Maxler VitaMen indicate that this complex effectively fights this condition, filling the deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

It is these features of metabolism, characteristic for the organism, subject to regular heavy physical stress, and manufacturers took into account, creating the Maxler VitaMen complex.


The multivitamin complex Maxler VitaMen contains in its composition the following biologically active substances:

  • Beta-carotene;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • Calciferol;
  • Alpha-tocopherol;
  • Phytonadione;
  • Thiamine;
  • riboflavin;
  • Niacinamide;
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride;
  • folic acid;
  • Cyanocobalamin;
  • Biotin;
  • Pantothenic acid;
  • calcium carbonate;
  • Calcium citrate;
  • Complex selenium + methionine;
  • Copper oxide;
  • Manganese gluconate;
  • Chromium in the form of dinicotinate and picolinate;
  • Leaves of Damian;
  • Root of ginseng Korean;
  • Oat straw;
  • Garlic deodorized;
  • Palm tree;
  • Casting nettle dioecious;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • Bioflavonoids of citrus origin;
  • Choline;
  • Inoside;
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid ;
  • L-methionine;
  • Alpha-lipoic acid;
  • Lutein;
  • Lycopene;
  • silica;
  • L-glutathione;
  • Complex of amino acids (arginine, lysine, leucine, isoleucine, cystine, glutamine, valine, threonine;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • Hypromellose;
  • Polyethylene glycol;
  • Stearic acid;
  • Magnesium stearate.

Such a rich and diverse composition explains the complex and balanced influence on the body.

Reception scheme

A multivitamin preparation for Maxler VitaMen should be taken while eating; The daily dose is 3 tablets.

special instructions

  • Judging by the feedback, Maxler VitaMen is well tolerated, but before use it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the composition of the product and refrain from using it if you have a history of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
  • For the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, a treatment course is needed that has a sufficient duration. According to numerous reviews about Maxler VitaMen, the effect, expressed in improving the well-being, comes fairly quickly. However, interrupting the course of taking a multivitamin complex is strongly discouraged.
  • Apply a multivitamin complex after the expiry date is inadmissible.
  • Despite the rare occurrence of side effects, as reflected in the reviews of Maxler VitaMen, when taking this multivitamin complex, it is not recommended to exceed the single dose indicated in the instructions, since the biological substances contained in the composition in overestimated dosages can cause a negative influence on the metabolism.
  • Do not use this tool if there are contraindications to at least one of the components.
  • If there are any undesirable adverse reactions to multivitamin complexes in the anamnesis, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before you start using Maxler VitaMen.

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