Buses "Skania" - the best assistants for transportation of people

Scania is located in Sweden and produces automotive products for all transport services such as trucks, Skania buses, industrial marine engines.

Growth of branches around the world

To date, representatives of this company are in many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In Russia, about 50 salons and services are opened, which provide services for the repair and sale of vehicles.

Buses "Scania", a model number of which is represented by a large number of species, are very popular. The company updates its products every year and introduces the latest technologies in its production. The most interesting representatives need to be considered in more detail.

Scania Higet A80

In 2010, the latest development of the Swedish company was presented. The premiere surprised and delighted all those present at the exhibition.

Until the opening, no one knew any details about the novelty. It was covered with a beautiful canopy, and the appearance was kept secret until the last minute.

The leading press conferences were A. Chursin and Hokan Yude. They talked about the latest technologies used in production, and also answered questions from all comers.

The first thing that strikes us is the fact that the Skania buses are manufactured in cooperation with the young Chinese company Higer. Despite the crisis and difficult conditions, the developers managed to take a stable place and raise their revenue from sales.

The choice of the Asian manufacturer is based on economic and geographical indicators. The firm has passed all the checks and consultations at a high level. And thanks to the existing ferry crossing, the products will be delivered directly to the Northern Capital.

Buses of this brand can be found in the countries of Europe, the capital of Russia and in other cities of the country. In addition, in St. Petersburg, a subsidiary of the Swedish giant is rapidly developing production.

The new brand is assembled under the personal supervision of representatives of the company Scania, and also meets all the requirements and standards.

Scania Irizar l6

In spring, a festival dedicated to bus subjects was held in Kolomna, where the Swedish manufacturer presented its novelty of a premium class.

Irizar l6 meets the highest requirements and is designed to carry passengers over long distances.

Buses "Scania" combine convenience and style. Popularity is given to them by a comfortable and spacious interior, as well as a unique design. The model is adapted for all types of transport with an individual approach to each passenger.

Rich finish, many options, reinforced engine and gearbox make the bus attractive for international transport. On the Russian market, 2 sets are used: with a wheelbase of 4 × 2, and 6 × 2 * 4. They have engines with a capacity from 300 to 440 horsepower.

Scania Interlink Low Decker

In 2015, at the exhibition in Belgium, the company introduced a new development. A highlight in it is the ability to use the bus both at long-distance and short distances.

This model so far has no analogues in the Russian market. Ordering the bus "Scania", the technical specifications of which can be changed at the request of the customer directly at the factory, the customer gets the opportunity to choose the type of interior and the necessary equipment suitable for any situation.

The maximum number of passengers is 71 people.

Wheelbase - 4 x 2 or 6 x 2 * 4.

The length is from 11 to 15 meters.

The height is 3.3 meters (low-deck), 3.4 meters (medium-deck) and 3.7 meters (high-deck).

The front part is made taking into account the optimal parameters of aerodynamics. Thanks to this, fuel is saved significantly and acoustic characteristics are improved.

Interlink High Decker

In Sweden this spring a new representative of the next generation came down from the line. Buses "Scania" are available for purchase throughout Europe and are designed for tourist trips.

This model is the highest and most comfortable development of the Swedish manufacturer. It is based on the basis of no less successful previous model and is bound to become the leader among transport for passenger services.

Specifications are similar to Low Decker. The difference is a more powerful engine that meets all European requirements for environmental friendliness and operates on natural gas.

Scania Multi

For repair of modern cars and buses, special diagnostic equipment is needed, which reads errors that occur in electronic systems. And also programs that help to find the necessary data for each node and mechanism.

In Scania Multi is information that will help pick up parts "Scania." The bus, lorry and other vehicles can easily be repaired using the official version of this program. It contains a catalog that registers all the information since 1985. Therefore, the customer never faces problems when choosing his brand and model.

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