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What is the caloric value of vinaigrette with butter and how can it be reduced

Translated from French "Vinaigre" is just vinegar. Later, a salad dressing was invented , in which the main role was played by this "spoiled wine". To it were added an equal amount of olive oil and a small fraction of Dijon mustard. Vegetables, sprinkled with such dressing, turned out to be as if pickled and at the same time seasoned with butter. The sauce was called "vinaigrette", actually a diminutive name from "vinegar". In translation into Russian you can say "vinegar". Well, we, the Slavs, as always, something misunderstood and invented their own dish - the vinaigrette. Caloric content per 100 grams of this salad is small, because it consists of cooked or pickled vegetables.

The Benefits of Vinaigrette

The ingredients themselves testify to it. Onions are a cure for seven ailments; Red-cheeked, hemoglobin-raising beetroot; Rich in carotene and vitamin A carrots; Potato is the source of starch, which does not affect the figure negatively. And where to go to a Russian man without salted cucumbers and sauerkraut? And it is clear that with this qualitative composition caloric value of vinaigrette with butter Rather low. And the benefits to the body from savoring the dish are immeasurably greater.

What is the caloric value of vinaigrette with butter?

If you adhere to the classic Russian formula, then 110 Kcal per 100 g of product. But if you cook it the way it is in Ukraine (and people do not eat fools), then all 160 and even 200. Because they use a chopped boiled egg, boiled beans, canned peas. They serve the dish not only with vinegar and vegetable oil, but also with mayonnaise. A festive version of vinaigrette presupposes the presence in it of boiled tongue - beef or pork. And even rub over the hard cheese, so that before the dessert, the feast did not come.

What is a vinaigrette diet?

If you watch your figure or fight with extra pounds, you can try it on yourself. Nothing complicated and painful. Just three days in a row, enjoy a salad of boiled carrots, beets, potatoes and canned peas. Season your salad with yogurt or fat-free cottage cheese. Because the caloric value of vinaigrette with butter Then it will increase by 40-50 units. And you do not need to salt at all, except for a little bit. You can add a little green onions. Drink during the diet should be low-fat dairy products (yogurt, yogurt), and in the evening - tea with honey.

How to reduce the caloric value of vinaigrette with butter

If for you insignificant 150 Kcal per 100 g of salad seem excessive, then let's think about how to reduce this figure. First of all, bake the beetroot in the oven (with the peel). So it will save more useful substances. Boil the vegetables to the "al dente" state. This means that they must be a little firm. First cut the beetroot, sprinkle it with vinegar, let it stand. Then, add the vegetable oil and mix it - this simple trick will allow you to create a motley salad, not red. Then we cut the other vegetables. Approximately in the same proportion, only carrots slightly less. We proceed from the Spartan minimum, we are losing weight. Only beets, potatoes, carrots, vinegar, refined sunflower oil. For the sake of taste, I would advise adding one or two more ingredients: salted cucumber and boiled beans. Or peas and sauerkraut. Caloric value of vinaigrette with beans will increase slightly, if instead of the vinegar-oil sauce we fill it with fat-free yogurt.

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