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Baranets Viktor Nikolaevich: who is he?

Baranets Viktor Nikolayevich is today a very important military commentator in Russia. He was born in the Kharkov region in 1946. Today he is a military journalist, writer and publicist, colonel in retirement. In 1965 he became a cadet of a tank regiment. So his fate was closely associated with the Armed Forces.

After the military school, Baranets Viktor Nikolayevich received the specialty "military journalist" in the academy. He was drafted to the Far East. There he served as a correspondent for the district and divisional newspapers. Having moved to Germany, he began to work in the local military publication "The Soviet Army".

Service in the Armed Forces of Viktor Nikolaevich was very rich:

  • Correspondent and deputy editor in the magazine "Communist of the Armed Forces."
  • Business trip to Afghanistan. On what is happening on the battlefield, Baranets recounted in articles and, of course, books.
  • Referent chief in the Main Political Administration of the USSR.
  • A military columnist in the newspaper Pravda.
  • Advisor to the Chief of Staff.
  • Head of Information Department of the Ministry of Defense.
  • Press Secretary of the Russian Defense Minister.
  • A military columnist in the popular and well-known throughout the country newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. On the radio of the same name, he runs his own program called "The Military Revue of Colonel Barants".

Baranets and Putin

Even before 2012, Viktor Nikolayevich Baranets strongly criticized the policies of President Putin. The reason is the failure to implement a program to provide laid-off workers with housing and money allowances. When in 2011 Putin conducted a "straight line", Baranets asked a question about this. The president praised the journalist for his courage.

Since 2012, Baranets has become a trusted Putin. In the electoral campaign of Vladimir Vladimirovich, he stood by his side, helped in the debate, published agitation materials and articles in the newspapers.

Today Viktor Nikolayevich is a member of several Soviets of the Russian Federation on the orders of President Putin. In parallel with social activities, he continues to work as a correspondent, presenter, and also writes his own works.

Personal life

Baranets Viktor Nikolaevich does not show a photo of his family. But it is reliably known that he is married. He has a son, Denis. He is the vice-president of the largest bank in Russia - Gazprombank. In addition, under his supervision are projects that relate to the reform of housing and communal services.

Viktor Nikolaevich has a grandson who was born in 1999. Today, he lives with his mother abroad, in France. He sings in the church choir.


Incredibly interesting and fruitful man Baranets Viktor Nikolaevich. His biography is full of events and facts. In his arsenal, there are not only hundreds of articles in various newspapers, but also books that have been published in print in several thousand copies:

  • "The Lost Army";
  • "Yeltsin and his generals. Notes of the Colonel General Staff ";
  • "The army of Russia. Defender or victim? ";
  • "General Staff without secrets."

In each of his works, Viktor Nikolayevich Baranets tries to reveal the "backstage" of the military department. At the same time, he always stands exclusively on the side of the common people, trying to protect them from deception and corruption. That is why this man is respected and honored among all servicemen. And his articles and books are interesting to ordinary people.

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