Polish apples: varieties, photos and description

Apples are a valuable, useful and very tasty product. We all know about the beneficial properties of these fruits. In addition, it is from them that we prepare a variety of varied and delicious dishes, making juices and jams.

Do you know what Polish apples are? Sorts are loved by every person, but let's find out more about apples. Maybe you want to try something new.

Sort Idared

Applewood Idarred was obtained by crossing varieties of Wagner and Jonathan. According to the term of fruit ripening, this tree is referred to late zimnim.

The plants on which these Polish apples grow have a spherical rare crown. Trees are very tall. The main branches of the apple tree are large and strong. They are located at an angle of 45 degrees from the trunk. The bark of this variety of trees is smooth, gray-brown in color. Apples are located at uniform distances, not forming bare areas and spaces. The leaves are oval-shaped, slightly elongated and pointed, dark green in color.

The main feature of this variety is the grocery arrangement of fruits (two or three pieces each). In a good year the fruits form whole garlands on the trees, and sometimes one kilogram of apples can be collected from one branch.

The fruits of the apple tree are large enough, clean and glossy due to a wax coating. The skin of the apple is smooth and thin. Most often have a light green color and a bright red flush.

Variety Brebourne

Another Polish apples, which are attributed to winter varieties - is Breburn. Its main difference is an unusual wine sweet taste. It is thanks to this that the fruits are very much appreciated in the countries of Western Europe. The year of appearance of this variety was 1952.

The apple tree itself refers to medium-sized trees. This variety and high yields are different. The crown is compact, with little thickening.

The fruit has a slightly elongated shape. Longitudinal ribs are often found near the calyx. The skin of the apple is yellow, it is covered with small dots of purple color. The general background of the fetus is dark red.

This is a very juicy and beautiful apple (photo above). Its pulp is sour-sweet, crispy, cream-colored, has high taste qualities and a pleasant aroma.

Most often these fruits are eaten fresh. Therefore, it is worth noting and the fact that they can be stored easily and for a long time.

Variety Jonagold

This variety is late-maturing. Golden Delicious and Jonotan were obtained when crossing varieties. Since 1943, he has successfully conquered world markets. By the eighties, the population of the USSR had already enjoyed success.

Stable growth and good development - that's what distinguishes these Polish apples. Grades that have such characteristics can be counted on the fingers.

In a young tree, the crown is often oval, but eventually becomes more spherical. Another difference of the grade Jonagold - early fertility. Already in the third year from the trees you can collect a plentiful harvest. A young apple tree (5-7 years) brings about fifteen kilograms of fruit. More adult tree (10-12 years) will bring already 40-55 kilograms. They start to harvest fruits in the beginning of autumn, but finally they ripen only by the middle of winter. Apple trees are not too resistant to frost.

Fruits are conical, red-orange or golden-yellow in color. Flesh white, sweet and juicy.

Variety of Gala

This variety was obtained in 1957 with the crosses of the Golden Delicious and the Kinds Orange Red varieties. Its main feature is the early entry into fruiting, a regular and large harvest.

Polish Gala apples did not initially attract gardeners. Fear inspired the appearance of the fruit - not too large, pale colors with a patchy-striped red-orange blush. Manufacturers feared that people accustomed to large bright red glossy apples would ignore the plain fruits. But the situation was quickly resolved by removing mutants that have a bright color.

Apple trees are medium-sized, they have a not too thickened broad oval-shaped crown. Fruit-bearing trees begin already in 6-7 years after disembarkation. From a young tree, a moderate crop is removed every year. Adults bring in from 55 to 80 kilograms.

In shape, these Polish apples are most often rounded, have a weak ribbing on the top of the fruit. Color yellow with red-orange blush. The pulp is juicy, dense, sweet and sour.

Sort Champion

This variety was obtained in 1960 with the crossing of Renet Orange Coke and Golden Delicious.

Apple-trees are not very large, they have a small oval crown, created by skeletal middle-developed branches. The fruiting is stable and abundant, begins in the third year of life. With a five-year tree, you can collect from 17 to 25 kilograms of apples.

Quite nice to look at and the apple itself. Photo is beautifully demonstrates. Fetal weight reaches 0.16-0.19 kg. Its shape is round-oval, and its color is yellowish green. Virtually the whole surface of the apple has a blurry striped red-orange blush. On dense, dry, elastic and thin peel well-marked lenticilles of gray-yellow color are clearly noticeable.

The flesh of the apple has a light color with a cream tint. It is quite dense, fragrant and very juicy. The taste of the fruit is sweet and sour.

Sort of Ligol

This variety was obtained in 1972 with the crossing of Golden Delicious and Linda. Refers to the apple trees of the winter ripening period. In the collection of Ukrainian gardens, these Polish apples began to grow since 1995. It was at this time that gardeners noted that apple-trees are winter-hardy, medium-resistant against bacterial burns, and also highly resistant against such common diseases as powdery mildew and scab. Also, were noted and large yields, and high taste and product quality of apples.

This variety is self-fertile. The best pollinators for him are Champion, Spartan, Gloucester and Idared.

Apple is a round cone-like shape. The surface of the fruit is ribbed, on the larger part of it there is an intense blurred carmine-red blush. These apples have dense, juicy and fine-grained flesh. It is distinguished by cream color, sweet and sour taste and rich aroma.

Harvest starts from the end of September. Apples are stored in the refrigerator, then they can not lose their taste for six months.

Sort of Golden Delicious

This variety is very popular among European gardeners.

Its fruits often have a yellowish skin with brownish patches of greenish color. Apples Goden Delicious belong to sweet and sour varieties, but the sweet taste still prevails. They are easy to store in winter and, if you do everything right, they can keep their taste qualities until April.

The apple tree itself is short (it does not grow above three meters). The first fruits it begins to bring already in 2-3 years of age. Last year's growths (even on young trees) bring already 3-4 fruits. The tree, which is already 6-7 years old, brings in 15 to 17 kilograms of apples.

Growing an apple tree is easy, but still she loves a mild warm climate. If the winter is too cold, the tree can freeze, even if it is well insulated.


In this article, we described the most popular varieties of Polish apples. These are delicious and juicy fruits that have long and firmly won the hearts of people around the world. Many very appreciate the Polish apples, the reviews about them are always only positive, and the usefulness and taste at altitude. You have become acquainted with the main characteristics of these varieties. Perhaps now you will want to learn more about them and when you next go shopping, you decide to buy and try them.

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