"Zhelezobeton-12": reviews about the construction company

One of the largest construction companies in the Vologda region is the enterprise "Reinforced concrete-12". Thanks to its activities, the map of the Vologda region has been enlarged with dozens of new facilities. Among them:

  1. A modern and very beautiful administrative building in Cherepovets.
  2. The central office of Sberbank of Russia in the same city.
  3. Many kindergartens.
  4. Several houses for orphans.
  5. A large number of residential buildings and many other objects for various purposes.

A bit of history

The enterprise "Zhelezobeton-12" began its work more than 35 years ago. At first it was not a separate company, but a shop for large-panel construction. It belonged to the plant of concrete products. But in 12 years the department became a separate enterprise and created the first building site: from the large-panel elements the high-rise building was erected.

The first customer of Zhelezobeton 12 LLC was the chemical enterprise Cherepovets Azot. Further, the number of customers increased rapidly. They were Sberbank, Severstal and many other structures of municipal and regional importance. Most of them are cooperating with the company today.

Hundreds of thousands of square meters of residential buildings have been put into operation, so many families were able to get new housing. And many of them could use the company's offer more than once and buy an apartment not only for themselves, but also for children and grandchildren.

But such great success does not prevent the company from developing further and mastering new directions. Thanks to this, the company successfully competes in the real estate market and successfully performs tasks of any complexity.

Main activities

For many years, since the creation of the company "Reinforced concrete-12", its employees, in addition to new construction, have mastered many other types of applied works:

  1. Installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures.
  2. Different kinds of finishing works.
  3. Facing with ceramic granite.
  4. Major repairs and reconstruction works of buildings of different status.
  5. Bricklaying of walls from a brick.
  6. Installation of fire and security systems and their maintenance.
  7. Carry out all preparatory work.

To ensure that all stages of any type of activity have been performed at the highest level, all technologies are strictly adhered to and only high-quality materials from import and domestic producers are used. But most importantly, what determines the quality of work - specialists: the company employs only those representatives of different specialties who have high qualifications.

Company achievements

Every inhabitant of the city of Cherepovets can see the buildings built by the company "Reinforced concrete 12". The feedback of those who live or work in the buildings and offices built by the enterprise is the best confirmation of the quality and professionalism of its specialists.

The erected buildings are more than a hundred. The most interesting in the work were:

  1. Office of Sberbank. The building is distinguished by a non-standard architecture in the Art Nouveau style. Moreover, the building is designed for the fact that it will be equipped with technological high-precision equipment, including a gas boiler and computers.
  2. Volleyball Center. The construction of such facilities is always subject to high and strict special requirements. According to the athletes themselves, the company "Reinforced concrete 12" coped with the task, and their complex is now among the best in the North-West region.
  3. Kindergarten with a swimming pool. The modern building is the first in the area that has its own closed pond.
  4. Office building of tax inspection. It is today the most stylish in the city.

The number of objects that the company is proud of includes a special residential building. All of his 200 apartments were intended for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, so the company's employees did everything to the highest level. No less serious object is the car dealership, which is owned by the company "General Motors".

It is difficult to list all the objects that were built by the firm "Reinforced concrete 12". The construction company has recently expanded its activities and started to produce other types of products. Further - about this.

New products

Making doors and windows from glued beams and installing them is a new field of activity for the company. Although doors and windows are not so large elements in any structure, they are very important for a comfortable and safe life of a person in a home or office, since noise quality, heat savings, and savings for heating and airing the rooms depend on their quality. With all these tasks, the Woodstyle window systems, which are made of natural material by the company's specialists, are successfully managing.

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