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The countries of Southeast Asia are becoming more popular with Russian tourists. This is due to the relatively mild climate and numerous attractions. Among the countries of this region are Thailand and Vietnam. They are located near each other, have similar cultural traditions and the same climate. All this creates difficulties for tourists when choosing a holiday destination. Thailand or Vietnam - which country should you prefer? This is discussed in this article.

An important factor in choosing a place to visit as part of a tourist trip is the possibility and length of stay without a visa. In Thailand, this period is thirty days. In Vietnam, only fifteen. The time of flight to both countries is up to nine hours.

In Thailand there is a more developed tourist infrastructure than in Vietnam. By the number of attractions, Thailand and Vietnam are not inferior to each other.

As in any country, in Vietnam and Thailand there are advantages and disadvantages. Let's consider some of them.


The climatic conditions in both countries are similar. The optimal time for rest is from June to September. Thailand or Vietnam in October also successfully hosts tourists. However, the region is warm all year round. Certain inconveniences will create a rainy season for tourists. Both countries are attractive for beach holidays. The average temperatures in the peak season are + 32 ° C. Hot weather in Thailand is more difficult to tolerate due to high humidity.

In Vietnam in the winter, the monsoon influence is felt. Therefore, the temperature during this period can reach + 5 ° C. On this indicator it is difficult to determine where to go, Vietnam or Thailand to choose. Since the countries are located almost at the same latitude and have a similar climate. There are other, more important selection criteria.


For connoisseurs of comfortable beach holidays, Thailand is most suited with its unforgettable beaches and numerous resorts equipped with everything necessary. Beaches in this country are distinguished by a sandy bottom and clean sea. The only drawback is overpopulation by tourists during the peak season. The number of bathing places in Thailand is more than a hundred. The greatest purity of those are those that are on the islands. Beaches in Vietnam are somewhat smaller, however, they are in no way inferior to Thai. Sandy coasts in both countries have a gently sloping entrance. The beaches on the islands are surrounded by rocks and located in bays. Due to this, they are protected from waves and wind and represent quiet and quiet corners for rest.

Vietnamese beaches are characterized by perfectly white sand and clear blue water. They are a great place to relax with children. Local beaches have less opportunities for active recreation on the water, but lovers of water sports can still find several worthy options for themselves.

Where is cheaper? Vietnam or Thailand

Important, and for someone the determining factor in choosing a country for recreation is the cost of staying at the resort. In Thailand and Vietnam, tourists have the opportunity to choose the most suitable options for themselves, based on their financial capabilities. You can use the services of travel agencies and go on vacation. It is also possible to make an independent trip. One of the options for staying at the resort can be accommodation in a rented bungalow. Consider the various options for pricing policies in the resorts of Vietnam and Thailand.

The cost of any tourist trip consists of the price for air tickets, the cost of rest, the purchase of souvenirs and excursions.

The acquisition of air tickets is an obligatory expense item, as it is simply impossible to get to these countries by another way. Book tickets better in advance. Their cost varies according to the class and the level of comfort during the flight. The higher it is, the more expensive tickets are. Since the distance and time of flight to Vietnam and Thailand is about the same, the cost of air tickets will be the same.

The second significant expense is the cost of living. Depending on the financial possibilities, accommodation can be both very expensive and relatively budgetary. For example, accommodation in a hotel room category "Lux" or in a separate bungalow will cost significantly more than a vacation in a hotel economy class.

The cost of food, visiting recreational activities in Vietnam is lower compared to Thailand. Sometimes tours to Vietnam are much cheaper than in Thailand. Of great importance is the choice of places for food and rest. Individual excursions to local attractions will be more expensive than similar group events. In terms of saving money, independent travels around the country are promising.

Roads and leisure

For such trips on rented vehicles, Thailand is best suited. The quality of roads in this country is somewhat better than in Vietnam. Therefore, it is better not to book tours to Thailand in travel agencies. It will be much cheaper to travel the country on your own. Also there is a more developed network of shops, cafes and restaurants and all kinds of entertainment centers. The opportunity to have fun at night in Vietnam for tourists is more limited. After midnight, life stops here. Due to the habit of the population, it is very difficult to find an operating grocery store for early sleep.

Thailand in this respect is more preferable as a place for leisure activities. Nightlife here does not freeze until the morning. The list of entertainment for tourists is also more extensive. In Thailand, you can not only relax, but also improve your health.


Where to go for health, which country to choose - Thailand or Vietnam? Medical care in these two countries has significant differences in terms of prices for treatment. In Thailand, the cost of visiting a doctor in a public or private clinic is up to forty dollars. Similar services in Vietnam will be cheaper. However, it all depends on the severity of the disease or injury. A prerequisite for obtaining high-quality medical services is the availability of medical insurance for the tourist. In Vietnam, there may be some difficulties in obtaining medical care because of ignorance of English doctors by local doctors. However, despite some inconveniences, the quality of medical care in both countries is approximately the same.


The cost of living and its comfort in hotels in Thailand and Vietnam are approximately the same. Vietnam, however, has a slight advantage in terms of cheap living in a hotel. Staying in one of the hotels in the capital of Vietnam - the city of Hanoi - will cost about five dollars cheaper than the cost of rest in a similar institution in Thai cities popular among tourists. Therefore, travel agencies sometimes offer incomparably cheap tours to Vietnam. This is due to the fact that in this country you can save a lot on housing.

Undersea world

Great value for travelers has the availability of opportunities for recreation. Staying in Vietnam and Thailand is most promising for diving. Thailand has several wins in terms of the diversity of species of marine life and the number of places recommended for diving. The marine fauna of Vietnamese waters is less diverse, but even here divers can find a lot of interesting things for themselves.

Local population

For tourists when choosing a place of rest, the friendliness of the local population in relation to visitors is of no small importance. If we compare Vietnam / Thailand on this basis, then we can say that the residents of both countries are equally friendly to the guests. The hospitality of local residents is based on the profitability of the tourism industry for the economy. Thais are more reserved and do not disclose to tourists their feelings and emotions. Vietnamese are more emotional. In addition, the attitude towards Russians is affected by the joint historical past of countries, namely, the assistance rendered to the USSR by Vietnam in repelling American aggression is not forgotten.


In Thailand and Vietnam, there is a fairly developed transport connection between the cities. You can get to any corner by taking a bus or by plane. The most common vehicle in both countries is a bike, available for rent by tourists.

But which country to choose gastronomic gourmets, Vietnam or Thailand? Where is the best food?


National cuisines in both countries differ in their originality and in the abundance of exotic and incomprehensible dishes for Russian-speaking tourists. Frogs, crocodile meat, various insects are widely used as products. Local dishes of national cuisine are usually nutritious and acute. In this respect, the masterpieces of Thai cuisine are more famous. Food in Vietnam is sweet due to the use of a variety of sauces and seasonings. Therefore, for lovers of sweet tastes by this criterion, the choice is obvious. Thailand or Vietnam? For them, this issue loses relevance.


Travel to Vietnam or Thailand can be overshadowed by the local fauna. One specific feature of both countries is the abundance of tropical insects (for example, lizards). In Vietnam, in addition, do not particularly care about cleanliness. Thanks to street garbage dumps in cities, a tourist can meet with numerous rats and cockroaches. The greatest danger in Vietnam is mosquitoes, which are the carriers of dangerous diseases. Therefore, before going to this country, you need to do all the necessary vaccinations. Agencies offering tours to Thailand and Vietnam are strongly recommended. After arrival, you must carefully observe the basic rules of personal hygiene. Do not eat local food if its appearance and taste are incomprehensible or cause unpleasant associations with the tourist. It should be remembered that not everything that is familiar to the local population is suitable for a tourist who is accustomed to a completely different way of life. From the observance of the rules of hygiene depends the comfort of stay and impression received during the rest.


The cultural heritage of a country can also affect the choice of a tourist. Thailand or Vietnam? What is the culture of these countries? Both states have an ancient history and are distinguished by an interesting original culture. For holidaymakers will be very informative acquaintance with local attractions. In addition, stay in Vietnam is distinguished by a special color in terms of the fact that in this country the domination of communist ideology remains. Lovers of military history of modern times will also find in Vietnam a lot of interesting things. Here, the memory of the American aggression, which brought many troubles to the local people, is carefully preserved. In the capital of Vietnam, you can see numerous samples of military equipment of that era. There is an opportunity to participate in excursions to places associated with the local guerrilla movement (in particular, see the underground passages used by the rebels). Also in Thailand and in Vietnam, tourists will be curious to get acquainted with the local architecture, which is distinguished by its unique and unique national color.

At the end of XX century. Thailand has become a popular destination for lovers of so-called sex tourism. However, it should be taken into account that recently the authorities are doing everything to get rid of such a peculiar image of the country. Therefore, lovers of all kinds of pleasures, often forbidden, risk falling into an unpleasant situation. The main rule for a tourist should be compliance with the laws of the country of visit. Vietnam or Thailand? Where it is better to spend leisure time, decide the tourist. The choice of places for visits is varied both in that and in another country.

So, both states are attractive places to visit. The mild climate, the beauty of the local seascapes, the presence of a developed tourist infrastructure and friendly local population are certainly attractive. To this we need to add a relatively low price level. But what do the holidaymakers themselves say about these countries, which resort should they choose, Thailand or Vietnam?


Tourists who were fortunate enough to visit both countries can objectively compare them. Those who prioritize the possibility of getting pleasure from attending all kinds of recreational activities and active leisure, they are advised to go to Thailand, where the possibilities for all of the above are much wider. For whom the issue of price is above all, you can choose cheap tours to Vietnam. Accommodation at this resort costs less.

In general, the whole thing is in the local color. For his sake, tourists are ready to return to this or that country again and again. Both Thailand and Vietnam in this regard are incredibly attractive. Therefore it is better to visit both countries and compare yourself.

In any case, planning a vacation in South-East Asia, you need to carefully evaluate all the advantages and potential inconveniences that a tourist may encounter. Rest in this region is good for fans of all sorts of exotic and mild climate. However, the duration of the flight (more than eight hours) should be taken into account, which can create significant inconveniences for people with weakened health, as well as for children. It should also take into account the uniqueness of the local culture and especially the national cuisine, unusual for Russians.

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