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Leading Alisa Yarovskaya: biography, personal life, age

Alisa Yarovskaya - TV presenter of the news of the RBC TV channel, an economic observer, a model, an outrageous "redhead" with the sun inside, passed an extraordinary life in which there were still more ups than downs. A native of Moscow, she did not part with this city for a minute from the very childhood. After graduating from school, entered the Moscow State University. She became a linguist, fluent in English and French, speaks a little Italian. She studied at the postgraduate school of the same university, defended her thesis on the subject "Evolution of the system of references in French."

First job

After the institute, Alisa Yarovskaya (at that time Alina Yarovikova) settled into one of the Moscow companies as a translator-consultant. At that time, she earned well, as it seemed then. "I translated bills of lading, the protocols of the owners of chartered vessels and navigational receipts. My duties also included negotiating, so I wrote everything down in the diary of loading, for example, steel sheets into holds, "Alisa recalls. It is no wonder, that having left, she any more did not want to work on a specialty. Alisa Yarovskaya, whose biography, in the main, consists of career achievements, decided to devote herself to television. About this and talk further.

Debut on TV and first successes

As a student, Alisa Yarovskaya began to conduct a program on the cable TV of the Western District about the daily life and concerns of residents of the Krylatskiy district of Moscow. Having tried her strength and gained experience, she moved to a new project on TVC. The girl decided not to stop at this and took up editorial work, was the leading secular chronicle on MTV. Alina the Great took her "working" alias.

Having five years of experience in the information field, she actively used it on the TNT channel in the show "Shopping Therapy", TDK - "Sexual Revolution", DTV - "This Mad World". At the same time I read news releases on the TC "Podmoskovie".


Alisa Yarovskaya is considered the author of "Trends" channel "Moscow-24". During her time on this TV channel she managed to take the first place in the contest of the sexiest information leaders. "I was a little surprised when I found out that such a project was being conducted. And I am flattered that I received this status. What is most pleasant is the opinion of the audience who chose me. And, of course, voted male colleagues. I am pleased with the fact of the appearance of very beautiful women on television, there is always something to strive for, especially if the competition is healthy. Such contests should be taken out of the Internet, because there are many girls who have something to show, "- she told in her numerous interviews.

For Alice, this was the second victory. Two years earlier she had entered the top 100 of the sexiest girls in the world according to the rating of the FHM magazine, taking 98th place (her height is 180 cm and weight is about 55 kg). The girl also tried to play television roles, it can be seen on the TV series "Happy Together".

Success on RBC Channel

Since 2012, she reads news on the business channel. This work, according to Alice, taught her a lot, first of all, to look at things with open eyes and see the true background of the events that are taking place.

TV presenter RBC Alisa Yarovskaya, whose photo contains many frank materials, according to the results of surveys in the Internet communities, is still in the lead in the already familiar role of sex divas. Not long ago, she voiced part of the exclusive lecture of billionaire Donald Trump. "Trainings are popular all over the world. As a rule, they are voiced by authors or professionals. It was required of me not to read the text, but to tell it and to understand what is at stake, "- says Alice. According to the producers of the project, she coped well with this work, as she has the ability to submit complex economic information to a simple and accessible ordinary reader's language.

The realities of the "unrealistic policy"

Among the latest TV presenter projects are the chronicles of the stars who became politicians. Alisa Yarovskaya, together with Gleb Pavlovsky, who dilutes the interview with caustic comments and incorrect questions, asks participants - both Russian and foreign celebrities - why they need an "unrealistic policy." On NTV there will be a program with a challenging title, where the partners will replace Tina Kandelaki and Andrei Kolesnikov.

Personal life

At the host she passes no less intense than her career develops. Alisa Yarovskaya, whose age is carefully hidden from the public, has repeatedly married. Even in her youth, she had a relationship with a wealthy man who was 20 years older than her. Pregnant, she painted herself a bright picture of a joint future. Two months before the birth, her lover abandoned her, and did not explain why. Because of the stress, the birth was premature, but she managed quite well, and at the moment she is raising a wonderful daughter, Sofia. "As a child, I had a favorite doll, which was called", - Alisa Yarovskaya shared.

The next time she became a civil wife of Vladimir Levkin. Then Alisa lived with her daughter in a three-room apartment in the center of Moscow, which she inherited after the divorce. In this cozy nest, the three of them spent several happy years. The reasons for the pair's separation are still unclear. The official version said that Levkin considered himself an unworthy candidate for Alice. The reality is that not so long ago it became known about the marriage of Vladimir with his fan.

The current husband of Alisa Yarovskaya supports her in all undertakings, while not limiting freedom. The family often travels together, not so long ago they once again visited Rome. "It is important for me to spend money. But I do not do the budget, my husband does it. Although I have a favorite expense item - this is my daughter ", - laughs Alice.

She is credited with treason and a string of admirers. The press calls her "Prokhorov's protege", considering him patron of her patron. Alice also claims that these rumors are groundless and are only due to the fact that the RBC channel is controlled by Mikhail Prokhorov.

Alice buys luxury jewelry, saying that some of them give her "friends." Last year, an exclusive set of a precious ring and earrings, which Yarovskaya was wearing, was purchased at the auction. "I dream of conducting serious programs that are not of an entertaining nature, so that my name is associated with a beautiful but strict girl," Alisa confessed.

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