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Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?"): Biography, personal life, family, wife, children. Credits for the player "What? Where? When?" Andriy Kozlov and his team

Who is the player "What? Where? When?" Andrei Kozlov? Reviews about him, his biography and personal life are interesting to fans of an intelligent casino. All information is presented in the article.

A family

Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?") Today lives in Moscow. Born in an airplane flying from Germany to the USSR in 1960, on December 25. As the birthplace indicated Lugansk - there at that time lived his family.

Father - military, mother - economist. There is a younger sister Galina and younger brother Alexander. Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?") Did not become an example for them in choosing an occupation. The sister works as a manager in a travel company, the younger brother is the administrator on television.

Dreams come from childhood

Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?") Before 12 years dreamed of working as a newsreader on television. But he himself confessed that in his childhood he terribly lisped and blundered. The answer to the question "Whom do you want to be when you grow up?" Was very funny, which forced him to deal with a speech therapist and the defects of speech were eliminated.

How Hopes Fall

In high school, Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?"), Whose biography is covered in the article, already wanted to be an actor and at 16 he left for Moscow, telling his parents that he went to rest.

The young man applied to all theatrical higher education institutions, but he eventually joined the Shchukinsky Theater School. I called my parents, I wanted to please them, but they were absolutely against such a career. The next day we arrived in Moscow. Under their pressure, they had to write an application for expulsion, and they sent him back home.

Two opinions: "The hard fate of the actor" and "This is not serious for a man"

At first, Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?") Hoped to return, because in the university he was promised to take immediately to the second year. However, later, commenting on this situation, he said that he was even happy with the way life turned. After all, the actor has a difficult fate, he is dependent and forced to look ingratiatingly in the eyes of the director. This opinion was formed because his grandmother was an actress, and knew all the subtleties of this profession. She believed that to take up this profession is only if you can become a people's artist. Parents generally did not consider her a serious occupation for men. In addition, in the 80's find a job after graduating from the Shchukinsky Theater School was difficult.

Found his way in life

Biography of Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?"), Was determined when he, following the will of his parents, entered the chemistry department of Donetsk State University. However, following the call of his heart, he worked as a correspondent on Donetsk television on the program "Cinema and We".

After graduation, he worked for two years as a chemistry teacher at the Zhdanov Metallurgical Institute (currently the Priazov State Technical University). He does not deny that he got to this job by acquaintance, and considers it quite successful, because in those days the salary of 105 rubles was quite large.

When the money depreciated due to the events of the late 80's and 90's, he began to work as a chemistry tutor, which allowed him to earn a decent salary.

Career on TV

Despite their first work experience, most people know Andrei Kozlov as the television presenter of the Brain-Ring game and the captain of the team of experts at the club What? Where? When?". The team of Andrey Kozlov works smoothly and amicably, although there are misunderstandings. He managed to make a career on television after all.

In November 1985, he sent a letter to the editor of the game "What? Where? When?". In an interview, Andrei admitted that he expected to receive an answer immediately, but waited two months, and the invitation to the game never came. Answered him only a year and two months and invited to the qualifying round, which he passed on February 23, 1986.

The beginning of the game in an intelligent casino

Andrew argues that the qualifying round was not specially prepared, believes that in this game is more important than savvy. In the filming of the television program "What? Where? When? "Took part already on March 6, 1989. Since he immediately became a coordinator in the team, he plays exclusively as a team captain.

Career development

After that, Andrei was invited to other projects on television. As a result, by 1990 he had to quit his job as a teacher, which for many was a surprise. His career began on Moscow television. According to Andrei, many of his Mariupol colleagues simply did not believe in the reality of this venture, and this news shocked parents. On the next shootings, he just realized that he would not return to Mariupol. But, having moved to Moscow, he always came to his parents on holidays and on birthdays to relatives.

Successes and failures in an intelligent casino

In 1991 he became the host of the Brain-Ring program, as well as the producer of the intellectual television game "What? Where? When?".

Andrew's success as a player in this transfer is quite large. The first "Crystal Owl" he earned at the summer games in 1992, the second - in the winter of 1994. In 1992 he received the title of "Immortal member of the club", but refused it in 1993, not wanting to leave his team. He never left the club.

In 2001 he was awarded the title of "Best Captain of the Club". In 2008, correctly answering the three questions of the super-blitz round, brought the team victory and won the car. Such a prize fell to his liking - a young man likes to drive a car. Also this victory played a decisive role in the 2008 season, and eventually all the players of his team won the "Crystal Owl" award (for him - already the third). In addition, she brought Andrew the title of the master of the club and the award "Diamond Owl".

Negative moments in his club game also were. He repeatedly got into conflict situations, and in 1996 he was removed from the audience for a hint. It became a fly in the ointment in the ointment.


Most of all, Andrei is proud of the "Brain Ring" project, in which he was both a director and a presenter from 1991. First the program was broadcast on Channel One, then on TVC. In 2000, the transfer ceased to exist due to low ratings. However, the desire to restore the project was so strong that in honor of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the game and the 50th anniversary of Andrei, the game was resumed in 2010 on the channel STS.

Currently, the broadcast is on the channel "Star". The popularity of the game is growing, in 2011 it was awarded the TEFI prize. In 2006 Andrew also participated in the shooting of the games "Brain-ring" and "Teen-ring" on the channel "Inter".

What today

Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?"), Whose personal life is nowhere advertised, currently holds the post of first deputy general director of TC "Game-TV", and is vice-president of the International Association of Intellectual Clubs. In addition, now he is also a director and producer of many television programs. Among them: "Creative Life", "Cultural Revolution" (TV channel "Culture"), "Life is Beautiful" (formerly - "Songs of the XX Century", TV channel "Russia", and since 2010 - "Domashniy" TV channel) and others. He also participates in the project of the television show "What? Where? When? "In Azerbaijan.

Kozlov is again a teacher

Andrey is a teacher of the Academy of Russian Television. In September 2015, held a master class for students of the Higher School of Television of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, on which he talked about the intricacies of a television career on the example of his life experience. His career is special, because it began without a special education in this industry.


Thanks to a successful television career, Andrei became a wealthy man. In an interview, he said that a few years ago he bought a piece of land, the price of which has grown 18 times since buying, but he is not going to sell it.

Andrew himself admits that he has a fairly sharp and heavy character. It's easy to see on the releases of the television game of an intelligent casino, where he often screams at his colleagues, argues, gets irritated. To fight against these qualities, at first he even asked the assistants to help him, picking up plaques with the inscriptions "Do not shout!", "Smile", etc. One day, he was so nervous about the game that his pressure jumped, and a microstroke occurred. He found out about this in a few days and turned to the hospital. Since then, regularly taking pills that lower blood pressure. Despite this, his morning in Moscow begins with a cup of strong aromatic coffee. In his view, another better beginning of the working day is difficult to come up with.

Relation to religion. Hobby

Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?"), Whose biography is presented in the article, considers himself a Christian. He says that he, as a baptized and Orthodox person, rejoices that participating in intellectual games, he does not come into conflict with the Orthodox Church.

He does not have a lot of hobbies, he watches TV in his spare time, reads books. As favorite writers, Andrei calls Rex Stout and Sergei Lukyanenko. In one of the interviews, he admitted that he had reread Sergei's books so many times that he noted that Kozlov knows such details of the stories that the author himself does not remember.

He likes to cook very much. Andrew says that he always celebrates New Year with his team of experts and prepares for his guests several different options for shish kebab and soups.

Likes to travel. During his trip to Israel, he even tried to take an autograph, but no one had a hand and a pen at his fingertips.

Kozlov Andrey ("What? Where? When?") - family and personal life of a famous TV-man

Andrei has very close relations with members of his team of experts, primarily with Igor Kondratyuk and Alexei Kapustin. He even became the godfather of Igor's son. Alexey is his friend since the time of his life in Mariupol, since 1984.

Despite his authoritarian style of leadership, his team is very fond of. None of them murmur. Everyone jokingly calls him "dad", and the team itself - the family. They have many traditions. Since they live in different cities, and some - and in different countries, they come together only before the game. This Saturday they first go to a restaurant and then to a movie. And like to watch movies more silly, it is easier to relieve tension before the game.

Big loss

In 2013, his mother died from cancer, this was a serious shock for Andrew, because they were very close. The last few months of his life he spent next to her, drove to Israel for treatment, rented her an apartment on the seashore, and when he was on the set, he called twice a day.

More about personal

Fans are interested in Andrei Kozlov ("What? Where? When?"), The wife, the children of the player. About his personal life on the set of a television program or in an interview, he speaks very rarely. Andrey Kozlov is married. His wife's name is Anna. No children.

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