How to choose a video card for games and recreation. Choose a gaming laptop with a powerful graphics card and processor

How to choose a video card? This question was raised more than once, it was discussed and the answer to it is more or less clear. But how to choose a video card for a laptop that would be perfect for modern games, let's try to understand this article. At once I will make a reservation, that to choice it is necessary to concern with special diligence. Buying a laptop with a powerful video card, you buy a device that should fully meet your requirements. After all, in the future, to replace the video card with a more productive one will be problematic. The design of the laptop does not.

When choosing a gaming laptop, you should pay attention to the processor. After all, it depends on its performance that the video card will be able to realize its potential. Correctly matched pair - processor-video card will help you to get true pleasure from playing or watching movies. How to choose a processor for a laptop? Here everything is simple. First of all, you need to know its clock frequency. The higher it is, the better. If a processor with a frequency of 1 GHz is used to work in the office, this, alas, will not be enough to play and process video files of large size. At the gaming laptop clock speed of the processor should be at least 2GHz. Unconditional leaders among the processors are Intel. They are able to reduce power consumption by reducing the frequency during idle time or under low load. And for a mobile computer this is a definite plus. Before choosing a video card, I strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of notebook models based on Intel processors. In addition, a new series of these processors Core Duo, created specifically for laptops, has good performance. AMD processors are also good, but they are better to be considered when choosing a working computer. After determining the processor, pay attention to the amount of RAM. The minimum of RAM required for your laptop to work properly is 256MB. And since we choose a gaming machine, we should consider laptops that have at least 512MB of RAM on board. This is the minimum that almost all games require today.

So, we came to the main question. How to choose a video card? What should I pay attention to, then do not regret that the money was wasted? First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the graphics chip supports the latest versions of DirectX and OpenGL. The manufacturer must specify this in the technical specifications. If we talk about video memory, then everything is simple - the higher the speed and the larger the amount of video memory, the better. If we talk about video card manufacturers, then today the best ones are AMD (ATI) and NVidia. To say that video cards of one manufacturer are better than those of another is impossible. Each model has its own specificity. NVidia's video cards having the abbreviation GTX proved to be quite good. Such models as GeForce GTX 470M, GeForce GTX 485M and GeForce GTX 480M many gamers consider the best in their class. When choosing AMD models, you should look at the amount of video memory. The most productive are models with a volume of 1GB.

So, we found out that a gaming mobile computer is, first of all, a laptop with a powerful video card, a large amount of RAM and a productive processor. It remains only to find out which of the devices currently on store shelves is most suitable for this role. Leadership in the production of powerful gaming laptops is still held by companies: Asus, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony.

The notebook model Asus G73SW-3DE is the first one to focus on when choosing a gaming machine. It's a laptop with a powerful video card that allows you to play modern games at maximum settings. The monitor with a diagonal of 17.5 inches and a resolution of 1080p will make the game extraordinarily realistic.

To the features of the Toshiba Qosmio X775-3DV78 laptop you can include a 3D monitor and an excellent speaker system. The average prices for gaming laptops range from 50 to 60 thousand rubles.

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