The cooler on the laptop does not work: causes, elimination, prevention problems

The cooler is sometimes called the computer's lungs. Therefore, if you notice that the cooler on the laptop does not work - there is no habitual quiet buzz, then the device should never be operated in order not to provoke a breakdown.

What is a cooler

The cooler (English cooler) is a fan, a cooling processor and a graphics card. The last elements in the work (especially intense) get very hot. If they are not provided with constant cooling, they will simply fail - they will burn out. That's why you can not continue to use the device if the cooler on the laptop has stopped working.

This kind of fan rotates at different speeds: if the processor is heavily loaded, it accelerates to maintain the element at the optimum temperature, if the laptop is in sleep mode, then the cooler also rests. Unlike a computer, a laptop is loaded much less often - only with the work of "heavy" applications, surfing the web pages with a large number of scripts, etc.

Some people incorrectly believe that Apple MacBook devices are devoid of coolers, as they do not publish characteristic noise. However, it is not. Fans are certainly present there. Only because the aluminum case of these devices is in itself an excellent heat dissipator, the load on them is small, because they are not audible at all.

The average operating time of the cooler is 2-5 years, but in some cases the mechanism breaks down much earlier. If he began to buzz, rustle, creak, make strange sounds or slower turns - this is an excuse to disassemble the laptop or show it to a specialist.

Causes of malfunctions

Why the cooler does not work on the laptop - we list the main reasons:

  • Heavy pollution. The fan passes through itself air, which is full of dust - it accumulates on its blades.
  • Malfunction of its own mechanism.
  • The problem with the motherboard is that the elements responsible for the rotation of the cooler have failed.

If the cooler does not work when the notebook is turned on, install a utility that shows the CPU temperature (for example, Core Temp). If this value is above 40-45 degrees, then the problem is correctly defined - it is enclosed in the fan.

The cooler on the laptop does not work - what should I do?

If you are not sure of your abilities, or the device is under warranty, then the problem is better to contact the corresponding service, so its solution will be one - to disassemble the laptop. At once we will notice that in some models non-separable chillers are used - they can be disassembled, it is impossible to clean and diagnose.

So, we begin:

  1. Turn off the device, disconnect the memory device.
  2. Remove the back cover. On some devices, this is quite simple - it stays on plastic snaps. On the other, you need to unscrew all the screws.
  3. Disconnect the battery, if it is hidden behind the lid, in other cases it must be removed immediately after 1 point.
  4. Carefully remove the optical drive, hard drive. From the cooler itself, you need to disconnect all leading cables and cables leading to it.
  5. After all this, you can extract the fan itself.

If its dustiness is noticeable to the naked eye, then, most likely, the cooler on the laptop is not working because of the small debris accumulated on it. In case of severe contamination, the radiator must also be cleaned, otherwise the cleaned blades can not be the solution to the problem. In this case, you will need to stock up a new thermal paste and thermal pads.

Cleaning the cooler

You can clean the cooler as follows:

  1. Carefully remove the sticker covering its central blades and keep it in a safe place until the repair is complete.
  2. If it hides the axis of the blades, then drop a little bit of engine oil onto the last pipette. If the axle is covered with a cork, a lid, then remove this protection, gently prying it with something sharp.
  3. Then it is necessary to remove the plastic locking element - the ring, the gasket and extract the "propeller" to white light.
  4. Using a cotton swab, gently clean the element from accumulated dust layers. In conclusion, lubricate the axle with the same engine oil.
  5. And now put all the elements on their rightful places in the reverse order.

This manipulation should completely solve the problem. If after that the cooler on the laptop still does not work, then it is necessary to go to the next item.

Diagnosis of the cooler

Pay attention to the wires that integrate the cooler with the motherboard. They are, as a rule, three pieces:

  • White (yellow) - responsible for the speed of rotation of the fan blades;
  • Red - continuous power to the cooler by direct current;
  • Black - weight.

Now you can test the cooler by connecting the wiring to a DC power source. If the device does not start to rotate, its electric motor is faulty. Otherwise, the problem should be found already in the motherboard.

Problem prevention

Imagine a number of effective tips that will help your laptop cooler to maintain a long working capacity:

  • Use the laptop in a cool, ventilated area;
  • The device must be on the table (of course, not dusty) - there must always be a distance equal to the height of the legs of the laptop between its bottom and the support surface;
  • Leave the habit of putting the laptop on your knees, carpet, bed; Animals, basking near the cooler, too, alas, are undesirable;
  • Carry out preventive cleaning of the cooler from dust at least once a year;
  • Use a cooling pad for a laptop (some models are convenient because they are powered by a USB connector) - it allows the cooler to drive through the air faster and more intensively.

The main reason why the cooler on the laptop does not work is the clogging of its blades with household dust that is hovering in the air. However, compliance with preventive measures will help protect the laptop from such a vexing breakdown.

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