Ultrabook Acer Aspire S7: specifications and reviews. How to distinguish an ultrabook Acer Aspire S7 from a fake?

New ultra-thin laptops are now at the peak of their popularity. After the release of Apple MacBook Air, many manufacturers have started to create similar models. A few years ago the most popular personal computers were heavy, bulky machines. Now instead of these devices use compact, stylish and more than modern ultra-thin laptops.

The recent release of the ultrabook Acer Aspire S7-392-74518G25t, which is considered to be the thinnest PC with a touch screen in the world, has amazed everyone. For the first time this gadget was presented at Computex. In the Russian Federation Acer S7 appeared only in early autumn 2015.

Today we have the opportunity to present you a brief overview of the device, which is produced in two versions. You can buy a 13.3-inch personal computer with a touchscreen FullHD-screen for only 50-75 thousand Russian rubles. Well, the cost of the model with a diagonal of 11.6 inches is slightly smaller.

Design and main features of the Acer Aspire S7

Most notebooks of this model are presented with a stylish white cover, however, if you have a desire to buy a PC with a glass, you will have to pay several thousand rubles and get a nice appearance in appearance.

Comes with a personal computer Acer Aspire S7, reviews of which only prove the high quality of the model, there is more than a stylish cover from the manufacturer.

This gadget can not please with its dimensions. If you need a computer for regular trips, the Acer Aspire S7 is what you are looking for! The thickness of the device is only 12 millimeters, weight - 1.3 kilograms.

The main parts of the PC case are made of ordinary magnesium alloy, so the Acer Aspire S7-392, reviews about which are more than positive, looks stylish and presentable.

In general, the design and main characteristics of the model are impressive.

Entering and managing your gadget

The laptop is unique with its keyboard with a fairly small stroke. Buttons are pressed at the slightest touch, and it is difficult to determine whether this is a disadvantage or the advantage of a computer. The keys have a decent size, which, of course, is a special advantage for users who are used to typing a lot.

Keys on the built-in keyboard are painted in a pleasant silver color, which complements the device itself. All buttons are made of high quality plastic. When pressed, there are no unpleasant sounds, so you can confidently type the text without fear of disturbing the surrounding with loud keys.

Backlight for PC buttons is an indispensable additional function of this device. Especially this function will be useful to those who are used to working in the dark.

From the minuses of the keyboard can be identified the presence of uncomfortable arrows, which are located at the very bottom, as well as the lack of additional keys.

Owners of this personal computer will have to re-accustom to the keyboard of their device, as some buttons have been transferred, for example, the "E" key, which was in place next to the reduced Caps Lock.

Delete was also moved by the developers. Now this key is at the bottom (next to the laptop's touch cursor).


Front of the model has a special ledge so that the user can safely open the screen. Due to the presence of ultra-thin PC sides with one hand, it will be extremely difficult to open your computer.

One of the pleasant moments of the Acer Aspire S7 is the ability to flip the cover 180 degrees relative to the built-in keyboard.

This ultrabook can be safely attributed to gadgets of the latest generation. You will be delighted with a wonderful FullHD-screen with high resolution and large viewing angles.


With the autonomy of this PC, of course, there will be problems. The computer is able to work autonomously with the reception of Wi-Fi networks and half-switched brightness of the screen for only 6 hours.

By increasing the load on the device, the time it will work without recharging, will rapidly decrease. On average, you can count on 2-4 hours of quiet operation of the Acer Aspire S7.

Developers tried to imagine the world's thinnest laptop - they succeeded. However, because of this, it is physically impossible to build a volumetric accumulator in such a laptop, therefore, the maximum indicator of battery life is 6 hours.

How to verify that the Acer Aspire S7 is real

If you buy a laptop from an authorized representative, this kind of questions should not arise at all, since you will be provided with all necessary documents, including those that confirm the authenticity of the device.

You can not buy expensive things like this gadget by hand in any case, because you will spend a decent enough sum of money, and there can be no guarantees and other documents.

If you do not know how to verify that the Acer Aspire S7 is real, buy this model only from authorized dealers, for example, in the shops of your city's equipment.


Today it was a very expensive and multifunctional device, the main advantages and disadvantages of which were presented to you in a short review.

Ultrabuk ideal for people who are constantly on the road, because this device is very compact. If you want, you can choose a model with an 11-inch screen - you can certainly take this gadget with you wherever you go.

When choosing a laptop, be sure to pay attention to the warranty and all other documents that confirm the quality and authenticity of the goods you purchase.

We hope you learned everything that interested you, about this laptop.

By the way, a stylish cover of nice silvery color and the PC itself will give you confidence and presentability.

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