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Why do we need probes in magazines?

Magazines about fashion have long become the constant companions of many women. Ladies do not even imagine life without them. And although the fashion is constantly changing, interest in it remains the same. Such publications introduce the ladies to the realities of modern times and talk about the ideals of beauty.

What are probes?

Today, you can often hear the word "probe" in female conversation, see it in magazines. Most recently, they were ancillary products on promotions, which were distributed absolutely free of charge. Now such mini-samples of cosmetics and perfumes can often be seen as an independent product. They have other names: samples, which means from English "samples", or trials, which translates as "samplers".

Requirements for mini-samples

To date, samplers in magazines are often found. They look completely different. Most often this is a reduced copy of standard products. They have the same design and composition. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that the concentration of aroma in the mini-sample is much lower than in the original. Their volume is usually from 3 to 6 ml. Like large analogs, they are often packed in a box. However, this is not always the case. Probes in magazines can be without it. The main requirement, which is presented to them, is the maximum similarity with their analogue. To date, there are a huge number of samples that have plastic packages that repeat the shape of their original bottle. But this capacity is a cheaper option in comparison with glass. Quite often samplers in magazines are made in the form of napkins with fragrance of perfume, mini-tubes, pencils, ampoules and so on. The most common form is the sachet.

Can I get free samples?

Until recently, all mini-models of cosmetics and perfumes had the inscription "Not for sale", which means "not for sale". They just received a gift. Now the manufacturers decided that they can make good money on this and began to sell them, having previously issued a more expensive packaging. Many companies started releasing a whole set of samplers, which are very convenient to take with them on a trip or hand in as a gift. Only fashion magazines try to attract readers to themselves, placing samplers and gifts in magazines. For example, in large stores in Spain, customers get completely free packages with mini-samples of their products. They assume that the buyer will try several flavors, and the next time will necessarily return for one of them. In our country, this does not occur anywhere.

Can I trust the probes?

In fact, no one can be absolutely sure of their contents. Such elite brands as "Christian Dior" or "Chanel" do not release mini-samples of their fragrances at all, but they do exist. It turns out that many probes in fashion magazines are just fakes. They are similar only in form and packaging, and the smell of them very remotely resembles the flavor of the original products. Unfortunately, practice shows that there are a lot of such samples on the market of our country.

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