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Who will be useful lamp-magnifier

Some devices manufactured for a certain professional sphere are widely used not for their intended purpose. A bright confirmation of this is the lamp-magnifier. It is intended for the needs of cosmetology and medicine. Even offers for the sale of such equipment are, as a rule, on sites offering specialized equipment for cosmetic, manicure and healthcare establishments. However, buyers are often people who are far from these areas.

Lamp-magnifier - an indispensable assistant, where you need close attention to the smallest details. Watchmaking master, jewelers (including those for whom this is just an exciting hobby) will not fail to use this device. Masters engaged in creating models, beadworkers, embroiderers and embroiderers - you must agree, they all often in vain strain their eyes at work. And not only those who devote their free time to needlework will appreciate the purchase of a magnifying glass, but amateurs at leisure to collect and disassemble digital gadgets will be pleased to acquire an additional source of illumination combined with a magnifying glass.

So, the range of application of the device is very wide, but how correctly to choose the model for specific needs?

Let's consider possible variants. We will concentrate on diopters. The smaller the object you are dealing with, the stronger the degree of increase. Lamp-magnifier can have a power of three diopters, five and even eight. Value also has the shape and size of the lens itself, its focal length. Glass does not distort reality, so you are guaranteed a clear and accurate display of the subject.

Many designs allow you to control the intensity of lighting, make it slightly stronger or weaker. And electronic ballasts eliminate the flicker of light when voltage drops in the network, which, alas, not uncommon in Russian realities.

Determine how mobile the equipment should be. If this factor is decisive, then the floor lamp on the tripod, which can easily be rolled into the right place, is just your option. It allows you to adjust the height at your discretion. Do not doubt the stability of such structures, they are reliable enough and will not let you down at a crucial moment.

If you intend to use the device permanently, then you need a table lamp. It is attached to the workplace, but it is not devoid of maneuverability. The clamp, responsible for mobility, makes it possible to rotate the device even 360 degrees. Hinged joints provide the desired position of the device, facilitating the performance of a particular operation.

Electricity consumes the lamp-magnifier sparingly. The functionality of the device is obvious. That the lenses are not scratched, the equipment is supplied with special lids, which in the non-working condition reliably protect the glass.

The purchase of this device is a real safeguard of your vision.

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