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Ascona: product reviews

Company Ascona - the leader in the production of modern products for excellent and deep sleep. It produces mattresses and pillows orthopedic, soft beds, as well as blankets, protective covers, sheets and mattress covers.

Products of Ascona, reviews which?

The unique spring block in the mattresses was called the "hourglass". The assortment of orthopedic mattresses includes eight hundred species, which gives Ascona its customers' feedback to improve their products. Various variants of mattresses are issued: with the spring block and without springs.

What is the advantage of Ascona products?

In the opinion of medical scientists, the main cause of diseases are malfunctions in the spine. For the correct location of the spine during sleep it is important to carefully choose a mattress, the most suitable way of life for a person and his weight. The company Ascona - the owner of an exclusive patent for the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses with original blocks of springs Hourglass. This configuration of springs was developed together with the well-known company "Legett and Platt". The created spring unit has the following advantages.

  1. Provides a quiet sound sleep. In orthopedic mattresses, each spring has several areas that effectively support the body. The expansion zone guessed any movement of the body, the zone of strong constriction reacts to the weight and effort of the body in any direction.
  2. Can withstand any weight without restrictions. Produced orthopedic mattresses with blocks of springs, manufactured using the technology of active compression. In it, each spring is placed in a compressed form in a separate bag and is in working order, which makes it active on any applied load.
  3. The service life of the unit of independent springs is not less than 20 years.
  4. The company Ascona customer reviews are accompanied by positive, because. Production is very high quality. The materials used comply with international standards for the manufacture of orthopedic products. All models undergo multistage control.
  5. The mattress has important orthopedic properties - it distributes the weight of the body and relieves the load from the spine.
  6. At manufacturing latex is used, which guarantees the absence of ticks and harmful microorganisms, does not cause allergies.
  7. Improves blood circulation. The communicating air cells in latex orthopedic products have ventilation, providing comfort and good sleep.

What is it, mattresses of Ascona fitness?

The developers of Ascona's products took into account all the features of the human body. Honoredly, that Ascona mattresses fitness reviews from buyers have only positive. They are made of innovative materials with the use of silver nano-ions. Thus, the bed gets antibacterial protection, has an anti-stress effect. The design of the mattress is carefully designed. Such mattresses are designed to provide a person with a recovery in sleep. The tests carried out show that after exercising and resting on Ascona mattresses, the results of training significantly increase. If you read about the company Ascona reviews, you can see that they are positive. Although some buyers believe that the price of mattresses is unjustifiably overstated. However, this is already the decision and choice of everyone.

Pillows of Ascona: reviews

The pillow is not only a compulsory addition to the orthopedic mattress, which enhances its medicinal properties, but also an essential separate product for daily rest. The company receives many grateful reviews, orthopedic pillows compete with leading brands. At manufacturing only modern ecological materials are used. Products can be of different shapes and sizes. For example, an orthopedic latex pillow "Reef massage" with relaxing properties. The embossed surface and special contour shape promote blood circulation, improve hair nutrition and provide good sleep. On the orthopedic pillows Ascona reviews are always positive. For example, the cushion "Cloud corrugated" is specially designed for passive correction of posture. It repeats the contour of the neck and shoulder girdle, which gives complete muscle relaxation and massage effect, good blood circulation.

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