How many km from Moscow to Yaroslavl and where to stop along the way

If you are traveling on the Yaroslavl highway all the time, the way to 280 km Moscow-Yaroslavl is the distance you are accustomed to, it is easily overcome somewhere in three and a half hours. Maybe you should not rush? On this route there are many interesting sights that most people just pass by.

Muranovo and Abramtsevo

How do you think, after how many km from Moscow to Yaroslavl, before reaching the destination of the trip, you can see the first interesting sights? Just 51 km along the Yaroslavl highway is the Muranovo estate. Once upon a time this land belonged to Obolensky - the famous Russian princes. Until now, there is a beautiful park, which once walked the great poets Tyutchev and Baratynsky. The house in Muranovo is preserved, and the museum expositions are very interesting, not only to those who are interested in the life of great creators, but also to people who want to learn more about the noble manors of the 19th century. There they constantly conduct excursions and organize various holidays.

Only ten kilometers in the course of your movement are the manors of Akhtyrka and Abramtsevo. In Akhtyrka lived Trubetskoy, and in their estate, built in the Empire style, once with might and main boiled life. In Abramtsevo is a large museum, a beautiful park and a rich collection of ceramics. Interesting exhibitions are constantly exhibited in the museum. The estate was owned by the noble family of the Aksakovs, and after it was bought by the well-known merchant Sawa Mamontov.

Sergiev Posad

If you drive a few more km from Moscow (to Yaroslavl still almost 200 km), then you can visit Sergiev Posad. There is the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, famous all over Russia, a shrine of the Orthodox Church. You will see the magnificent Assumption Cathedral and the famous dome in the stars, the refectory, the bell tower. In the Trinity Cathedral there is a beautiful copy of the "Trinity" Rublev. There are many hotels in Sergiyev Posad. You can spend the night, and in the morning you will think how much from Moscow to Yaroslavl you can really go, if you do not miss anything interesting.


This city was very fond of Peter the Great. By the way, it was here, on Lake Pleshcheev, built a famous boat. Now there is a museum in which you can learn the history of the Russian fleet. There are four monasteries in the city, and they all work. And while you are pondering how many km from Moscow to Yaroslavl you can drive, for example, in an hour, visit the Iron Museum. It is not just interesting, but unique. At the moment, 170 irons are exhibited there - from small to huge, there are other objects of urban life of the past centuries. In the museum, excellent guides, they will tell a lot of interesting and funny.

Rostov the Great

How many km from Moscow to Yaroslavl was, and by Rostov Veliky not to pass. The main subject of the proposed inspection is the local Kremlin. There you will admire the beautiful scenery of Russian nature, in the Kremlin, walk through the walls and see frescoes. In Rostov, two famous monasteries - Epiphany Avraamiev and Spaso-Yakovlevsky.

Do not forget about the famous enamel. Naturally, the city has a museum of this industry. The special shop is located directly at the plant "Rostov enamel". The assortment of goods there is far from as monotonous as the owners of stalls and shops in Moscow. The products have a very modern design, there are creations in silver. In the museum there is not only a demonstration of exhibits, but also master classes. The famous masters reveal to everyone the secrets of the trade.

If you do not know how many kilometers from Moscow to Yaroslavl, then this information is 280 kilometers for you.

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