Vacations in Vitino: features, sights and reviews of tourists

Vitino is a nice resort town, which is a dream of every vacationer. It is a picturesque corner of Crimea with a warm sun and a magnificent sea breeze. Administrative city belongs to a resort called Evpatoria. From the geographical point of view, we can say that the Vitino settlement is located in a unique place, because the city is protected on both sides by the Crimean ridge and the Black Sea. Thanks to this picturesque location, a huge number of tourists come here every year.

From the center of Evpatoria Vitino is located in 17 kilometers. Rest in Vitino will bring a lot of pleasure even to the most experienced traveler.

What famous is Vitino

Glory to the resort brought its magnificent sandy beaches, on which you can luxuriate under the tender summer sun. As you know, on most Crimean coasts beaches are strewn with pebbles. Therefore, against the background of other cities, Vitino is significantly different. Some here go exclusively for the sake of the beach, where you can warmly bask on the warm sand, and also take a wellness program. The village became especially popular among couples and people who do not like too noisy entertainment. Therefore, in most cases, those who prefer quiet and peaceful rest gather here. In Vitino there are always many tourists with children.

The climate of the village

The climate of this region is relatively mild, subtropical. Basically here the warm and sunny weather, with low humidity. People with breathing problems, cardiovascular system, and nervous disorders often come here to improve their health. Pleasant winters, which in this resort are very warm. The temperature does not fall below 3 degrees. In summer, the temperature reaches 28 degrees Celsius.

Natural conditions

The natural conditions are very comfortable for staying. Due to the proximity to the coastal strip, you can always enjoy fresh sea air. The city has a large number of juniper plantations. This combination has a positive effect on the respiratory tract, especially for colds. In addition to juniper, there are many green plantations and beautiful flower beds in the city. Thanks to the abundance of greenery and the absence of harmful production, the microclimate of the city is very useful for human health. Rest in Vitino in September is especially favorable. The air temperature drops, there is already no such heat. This period is great for resting people of advanced age and families with young children. Therefore, this resort and received the status of a family.

The state of the beaches

A magnificent sandy beach is probably one of the most important reasons for visiting this resort. Sand of golden color, a bit of pebbles and shells - a great combination for relaxation. And for memory, you can take the most beautiful shell out of here. The beach is very convenient for rest with children. The thing is that the shoal here is 30 meters long, the child can safely swim and learn to swim. The water in the sea is always warm, the temperature is as pleasant as possible, the child will not catch a cold. Since the beginning of May the water is warm and you can swim absolutely comfortably, without fear of catching a cold. The holiday season starts in April. All the beaches are free, clean, equipped with shower cabins, locker rooms and toilets. Always quiet and very comfortable on the beaches of Vitino. Recreation bases are located near the coast.

Historical information about the city

The settlement takes its beginning from the 2nd century BC. It was this date that was determined by archaeologists who found tools and ancient writings in the process of excavation.

As a recreation area Vitino is just developing. There is a construction of hotels, cafes and other places of entertainment. The population of the village is only 1,000 people.

The city's attractions

If we talk about entertainment in Vitino, then there are practically none, so young people can be bored. But some people find in this a number of positive aspects. For example, you can fully connect with nature, enjoy the horizons and silence. The village will allow you to relax from city dust and bustle. In the evening, a particularly beautiful sky, a huge number of stars that seem so close. Entertainment in some ways is hunting, as well as underwater swimmings. Also underwater hunting is popular. Taking a mask and fins, you can catch a lot of mussels and crayfish. Near the village the sea is rather shallow, so you can study the bottom at a depth of about 100 meters.

In addition, you can take a walk in the surrounding area. One of the attractions is the Center for Long-Distance Space Communication. The building looks like an object from a fantastic film. Also from the city you can go on an excursion and explore the entire western coast of the Crimea. Excursions are really interesting, especially for those who love history and beautiful nature. Therefore, those who want to find entertainment, still have something to do. It is not so monotonous vacation in Vitino. Guest reviews of the resort indicate that you can have fun here, especially with a large company.

Tourists on holiday in Vitino

Numerous visitors of the resort village in particular note its budget. In comparison with other places of rest in the Crimea, there are cheap accommodation and low prices for food. Anyone who can not afford the South Coast or other elite places of the Crimea, this holiday will be perfect. Vitino (private sector resort also offers very low prices) - just a godsend for a tourist. Although the village and not very developed infrastructure, but this is enough for a comfortable stay. This is an excellent place for children's health. The beach is clean, the sea is shallow and warm. There is no noisy youth here - and this is a big plus for those who prefer a quiet holiday.

Boarding houses, recreation centers or private sector

Popular places to stay in Vitino are mini-hotel "By the Sea" (rooms from 1 200 rubles per day) and a small recreation center "Lazurnaya" (600 - 800 rubles from the resident). The latter is designed to accommodate large companies, for example, sports teams. Isolated lodges are located in an ecologically clean regioion.

Quite contradictory reviews about the recreation center "Vitino" (Evpatoria). But in general - this is not the worst option, especially if you like to relax in close proximity to the sea. Service, food and accommodation with relative comfort to the tourist is provided.

There are in Vitino and boarding houses. From the noise of the city you can take refuge in the comfortable boarding house "Summer". In 2017, the price is from 1 800 rubles. Per night for a double room.

A few minutes walk from the sea there is another wonderful private boarding house "At Evgeni" with rather nice prices (from 1,000 rubles).

Very convenient and affordable can be accommodated in the private sector. Here you can find accommodation from 300 rubles per person. Of course, this will not be the first line. But for 500 rubles you can find housing even at the sea. Rent a cottage will cost 3 000 - 5 000 rubles. But, as a rule, a large number of beds are offered in such houses, so the cost per person will not be high.

Holiday Village «Maryina Roshcha»

Vitino is a paradise for a relaxing holiday by the sea. The complex "Marina Grove" offers to stay in cozy houses on the coast. The lease term is from 3 days. You can rent a house at any time convenient for the guest, the base works even in winter.

All the houses are made of solid logs of pine or spruce. For guests there are attractions with a swimming pool, a dance hall, a small tea house, a wine cellar where you can taste good Crimean wine and not only. For people who keep themselves in shape, there is a gym, the coach will always tell you how to properly perform certain exercises. Also on a special site you can play volleyball or tennis.

In addition to the house, you can rent a regular room, which will cost less. Each room is equipped with everything you need. There is a separate bathroom, air conditioning, refrigerator, terrace for rest and so on.

Regarding nutrition, here it is diverse, you can try both national cuisine and exotic dishes. Always eat fresh fruits, vegetables and juices. All dishes are prepared exclusively from fresh and environmentally friendly products.

As an entertainment, guests are offered a performance on the dance floor, a huge number of competitions, tours and much, much more.

Holiday Village (Vitino, Evpatoria) "Marina Grove" is the most popular among the guests of the resort. Therefore, it is better to be preoccupied with booking a house here in advance. In the season to get here is extremely difficult.

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