Drugs from pressure

Arterial pressure is an indication of the force with which blood presses against the internal walls of veins and arteries as it moves through the human body. And the fact that it rises and falls slightly during the day is considered normal, but if the pressure indicator is constantly high, it can lead to such diseases as a stroke or a heart attack, because it is not normal. The process of damage to the heart, kidneys and blood vessels begins.

If a person's pressure rises, then it needs to be lowered. Of course, it would be very good if it would decrease from exercise or eating healthy food, but unfortunately it is only the prevention of this condition.

Most people still have to take medicine from pressure.

It is not always possible to immediately determine which medications to reduce blood pressure from those prescribed, will help you specifically. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account such facts as:

• cholesterol level

• diabetes

• overweight

• smoking

• cardiac or vascular diseases.

Usually among people such error is widespread, that if to take medicines from pressure the effect comes immediately. However, this is not quite true: in the first hours your state of health may not change, because The human body needs a certain amount of time to react to the drug.

During the first few days of drug use under high pressure , such manifestations of well-being as increased drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, upset stomach can be observed.

With the normal action of a particular medicine on pressure, these symptoms go away after a few days, but if this did not happen and they continue to torture the patient, it is necessary to visit a doctor who can correct the list of medications taken.

Today, medicine has a large arsenal of drugs. Drugs for lowering blood pressure will not only be able to really alleviate the patient's condition, but also reduce the negative consequences, improve it both physically and emotionally, without, however, affecting sexual activity.

And although all the medicines for pressure can effectively lower it, however, the choice of the specific drug and its dosage should be determined only by the doctor. After all, only he is fully aware of the clinical picture of the patient's illness, therefore it is necessary to follow his instructions exactly, even if the condition improves.

There are no reasons for worrying about the duration of taking medications, since a huge number of people drink medicines every day from pressure, which does not affect their performance or the quality of their life. This reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack on the background of increased blood pressure.

At this stage of its development, medicine knows five classes of drugs that reduce blood pressure - first of all, diuretics, diuretics, which are prescribed in the complex; Beta-blockers, such as metoprolol, atenolol, etc .; Drugs related to calcium channel blockers - amplodin, etc .; Group of drugs AIPF, designed to reduce the negative impact on other organs; ARBs are angiotensin blockers.

Of course, high blood pressure can be sharply lowered with hot baths and compresses, but it is not known what result can be obtained with the jump in indicators, so it is best to consult a doctor and begin medication.

Never drink medicines from pressure on the advice of friends. This applies not only to the choice of the drug, but also to the dosage and schedule of administration. Because some of them, if incorrectly applied, can have the opposite effect, and the pressure can uncontrollably rise or descend, which will have undesirable negative consequences.

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