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SteelSeries mat: manufacturing material, dimensions

Mouse pads are an optional, but very useful computer accessory. Most often, many users do not pay much attention to it. But it is from the rug that the comfort of using the mouse, comfort for the hand and speed in dynamic games depend to some extent. Experienced gamers to purchase this accessory are quite serious, but it will be useful for ordinary users to learn more about the criteria for choosing it.

Material of mats

Mouse pads only at first glance are all the same. But if you go to any computer store, you can see a great variety of assortment of this computer accessory. Depending on the material used, small and large mouse mats can be:

  • Plastic - universal products, which are suitable for both computer games and office work.
  • Glass - very beautiful and practical products, suitable for everyday work on the computer, but not recommended for gaming mice.
  • Rag - the cheapest option for simple games and work. Such mats provide mice with a soft glide on the rubberized smooth surface, but at a high speed, the accuracy of cursor movement is significantly impaired.
  • Gel - ergonomic option, with a special gel pad under the wrist. Such mats are very convenient for long work at the computer, because most often they are used by office workers to relieve tension. For games such models are not used.
  • Two-sided - these are universal models that have different coverage of each side. Most often they are used by gamers to play in different genres with different requirements for speed and reaction of the cursor.

Dimensions of mats

A modern market of computer accessories offers a wide range of rugs of various sizes, from small to full-table. Great mouse pads are usually used by computer gaming enthusiasts, but can be user-friendly and simple users. Products of medium and small sizes are practical in home use of the computer and in work. The choice of the size of a rug, as a rule, depends on personal preferences and requirements of comfort of the concrete user, therefore standard recommendations simply do not exist. The cost of the same type varies in proportion to the increase in their size.


The color design and shape of the rug depend on the taste and personal preferences of the user. One likes a classic rectangular shape with a calm image of the landscape or a pattern, others are looking for more extravagant and bold models for spectacular decoration of their leisure or workplace at the computer desk. Mouse pads are often used for corporate gifts - you can not buy such souvenir products in the supermarket, it is usually distributed free of charge, because users of offices, as a rule, have rugs with various logos and addresses.

If the type and size of the rug for you do not matter, then you can choose the most simple and inexpensive option. If the difference is important and spend a lot of time at the computer - then you should not save. Choose the model that suits you best, which will ensure a long and convenient use of this simple but rather important accessory.

SteelSeries QcK Mat

SteelSeries is a Danish manufacturer of gaming accessories that offers a whole series of rugs called "QcK". The main properties of this product are optimization, fixation and quality. The SteelSeries QcK gaming mat is becoming increasingly popular in the cybersport field. Stable under control of both laser and optical mice, working on ultra-high sensitivity. Good quality and high-quality materials provide long-term service of these computer accessories. The SteelSeries QcK mat is a worthy choice for professional players who value reliability, precision and 100% payoff in gaming surfaces. Thanks to the combination of a special surface texture and high-quality material, it gives the user an absolutely flawless glide. The rubber non-slip base prevents the mouse accessory from slipping, regardless of the surface on which it is located.

SteelSeries QcK is tested by gamers around the world.

SteelSeries QcK + NaVi mats

This is a series of playing surfaces that are large. These computer accessories are made of high-quality fabric and have a memorable design.

The SteelSeries NaVi mat has a rubberized bottom surface, which guarantees noiselessness during use and stability when playing. The value does not matter, slow or fast mouse movements on the surface are made - this accessory remains in place in all cases and under any circumstances.

SteelSeries NaVi mat is an excellent choice for experienced gamers and ordinary users who need high accuracy and control over cursor movements.

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