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Belt-kushak - this is the real trend of the season!

Fashion designers know that the uniqueness and completeness of the image directly depends on the properly selected accessories. They are different - gloves, umbrellas, jewelry and jewelry, neck scarves and stoles ... But the most popular accessory that is in the closet of any representative of the beautiful half of humanity - this belt.

Meet: sash belt

In the past few years, a belt-sash has become a trend accessory both on the catwalks of the world and on the shelves of branded boutiques. It is simple at the cut and at the same time the original belt, which even a simple outfit turns into an exclusive "haute couture" thing.

Belt-sash is a long and sufficiently wide strip of leather or any other suitable material with two ends. Such a belt does not have a buckle and is tied with all sorts of beautiful knots, which allows each time to look in a new way.

By the way, a few centuries ago, the belt-sash was exclusively a male accessory. Fortunately for lovely ladies, the sexual revolution turned the fashion world upside down, and now the sash is a trend detail of the women's wardrobe.

And in the feast, and in the world

A wide belt-sash is perfect for any season and is relevant in any weather. It can be tied over a thin cambric dress, and over a fur coat or coat. The main thing is to guess with color and material.

For example, a suede or leather belt-girdle looks good at any time of the day and with any clothing, and fabric, for example from satin, is ideal for a chiffon summer dress and will favorably emphasize the gentle image.

In addition, such a belt can be decorated with pieces of fur, beads, artificial pearls and sparkling beads. All that designers have enough fancy to make the classic sash become a glamorous accessory.

Universal part

Sash is a belt that fits all, regardless of the type of figure and weight category.

If you were lucky enough to have an ideal figure - this indispensable accessory simply must be in your closet, as it will advantageously emphasize the waist and make the forms even more seductive.

If your figure is an "apple" or "rectangle" type, bravely wear this belt, because it is able to model the waist the way a corset would. As you can see, this unique attribute of modern fashion is ideal in every respect: beautiful, comfortable, stylish, suitable for any shape and corresponding to absolutely all styles of clothing.

Therefore, if you do not already have this amazing detail of the wardrobe, we strongly recommend that you buy the model you like and look stunning. Be in the trend!

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