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Effective tomato diet

One of the most effective and useful methods for improving the body and losing weight is a tomato diet, which allows you to quickly and efficiently lose weight. It has the following varieties:

- express diet;

- slimming with tomato juice ;

- a three-day diet.

At the same time, you can consume tomatoes both fresh and in the form of salads, baked, stewed, stuffed.

It is known that in ripe tomatoes contains a lot of vitamin C and sugar. They also have a lot of pectin and mineral substances. Tomato diet, reviews of which are only positive, promotes the ingestion of proteins, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine and phosphorus.

With anemia, cardiovascular diseases, gastritis (with low acidity) and general weakness, doctors recommend eating tomatoes or tomato juice. They are also used as a laxative. The basis of this diet are all these useful properties of a ripe tomato, and the goal of the diet is cleaning the body for a short period of time from toxins and slags, as well as weight loss by several kilograms.

Regular inclusion in your diet of tomatoes is a good prevention of various cancers. Also, to free the body of toxins, free radicals, improve the general condition of the body, reduce the risk of various severe diseases can be, using tomato juice. A diet that includes tomatoes is recommended to all those who are disturbed by venous diseases and who have blood clots, since tomatoes contribute to the purification of blood vessels and dilute blood.

Express diet is one of the most affordable and cheap diets, which are based on natural vegetables. It is necessary for this diet only one and a half kilograms of tomatoes, nothing more is required. This amount of tomatoes should be eaten in one day, but the portion should be divided into four parts. With this diet a day you can get rid of one kilogram of excess weight. In this case, more than two days of using this diet is not recommended. However, you can apply it three days in a row, if you really need to quickly lose those extra pounds.

A tomato diet using tomato juice lasts two weeks. During the diet, you must drink tomato juice in the amount of one glass at the time of food intake. In this diet should include cheese or cottage cheese (fat-free), boiled fish, meat, chicken breast, rice or vegetables are also allowed. If you eat with tomato juice and ripe fruit, then withdraw the slag from the body can be even faster and more efficient. This method allows you to lose five kilograms of weight in two weeks. And this method of losing weight is absolutely safe for health, and the body easily tolerates a similar diet, since it does not cause hunger.

The three-day tomato diet is that you can lose two or three kilos of excess weight in three days. Its feature is the use of one or two ripe tomatoes at every meal.

During breakfast, at seven o'clock in the morning, you need to eat two boiled egg whites with one large tomato.

Brunch, consisting of cheese (two small pieces) and one tomato, should be consumed at ten in the morning.

A small piece of chicken breast (boiled), a salad that consists of two small tomatoes, which can be dressed with olive oil, kefir or fermented milk, you need to eat at thirteen hours.

Repeat the brunch, including cheese and tomatoes at four o'clock in the afternoon.

Salad, which includes dill, tomatoes, coriander, dill, pepper, salt, as well as defatted cottage cheese in the amount of one or two spoons, you need to eat at seven in the evening.

But a tomato diet, like any other, has some contraindications. This refers to those people who are allergic to this vegetable, inflammation of the pancreas, stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer.

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