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Cookies "Barney". Mini biscuits for breakfast "Bear Barney": reviews

I wonder if there are children in the world who do not like sweets? It is only a small man to give one time to try a piece of candy and you can forget about a quiet rustle with a wrapper from sweetness. Many children have this love passing, and some carry it through their whole life. How often can I hear the phrase "I can not live without a sweet day". Despite the admonition of doctors about the harm of sweet on our body, a person still remains true to his preferences.

Of course, not one sweet tooth will agree to remove your favorite cakes and sweets from your diet. Is it worth it to do? If you follow the measure in everything, then no! In addition to the danger to teeth and figure, sweet brings to our lives a good mood. Go in for sports, observe personal hygiene and you do not have to deprive yourself of a cup of fragrant coffee with a delicious piece of "Napoleon".

The use of the product - in its quality

The most important thing is to follow the measure in all respects and choose a quality product. If adults sometimes can afford not to look at the composition of the purchased goods, then with children's sweets one must be extremely cautious. After all, having bought a delicious, though not very useful treat, you can get the problem much more seriously than caries.

Dozens of confectionery on the shelves of shops beckon and call the small buyers with their bright packages and funny shapes. Only after reading the ingredients, you understand that this is not a biscuit cake, but a time bomb for a fragile organism. The number of added E will suffice for another table of elements.

Addition of assortment

One of the latest novelties of confectioners is the pretty cookie "Barney", in the form of bears. For convenience, it is packed in a separate bag, so it is convenient to give the child a snack in school or for a walk. The popularity of this cookie was so great that the producers began to produce it by weight. If you believe advertising, this is a very useful dish for a child. Is it really?

What manufacturers say

"Bear Barney" is a very delicate biscuit and a filling of chocolate. The cookie is ideal for satisfying hunger, as the producers have done their best to balance all ingredients as correctly as possible. In particular, it is like mothers, because it is very useful, well, and children are amused by its funny form. In addition, it is very tasty.

What is the use of it? Producers claim that they use only natural products and in no case - dyes. Its main advantage is the presence of calcium in a biscuit, where without it a young growing organism. And, of course, chocolate filling. Almost double pleasure for children is sweet in sweet.

What is actually a cookie "Barney"

Let's break the cookie into its components. Studying the composition of any product, you need to take into account that the ingredients are arranged in descending order. That is, in the first place are the main products. The first place in the mini-biscuits "Barney" is a syrup based on glucose and fructose, and they are not the best friends feeling full. A child, of course, can eat with one cookie, especially if he drinks with juice, but the feeling of hunger will soon return to him. In addition, frequent use of products, where the composition contains such a syrup, is the first step towards obesity.

Next is rapeseed oil. By the standards of the food industry confectionery uses only refined oil. On the one hand, rape is a plant that can be harmful, but on the other hand, scientists have not yet been able to prove the use of this product. Children's organisms are not a place for experiments, so it's better to refrain from such components.

"Bear Barney" - cookies for children, so it's good that it contains lecithin, though soy, but it is maximally purified and processed at minimum temperature. It seems that there is nothing terrible, but only on one condition, that producers fairly and responsibly approach their work and do not use genetically modified raw materials.

Additive E450, in the people - baking powder, and in chemistry - phosphates. If too often and a lot of them eat, then the body begins to poorly digest calcium. Agree, not too necessary function in children's products.

A pleasant vanilla taste "Bear Barney" has thanks to a fragrance called "vanillin". As if the producers did not assure us that all natural products, used vanillin - fully merited chemists. Most chemical products contain toxic impurities. Therefore, be careful when buying products that include artificial flavor, especially when children are allergic.


As far as this biscuit teddy bear is a useful product, it's up to the specific parent, but the feedback about the mini cookies of Barney suggests that not everyone is ready to buy this delicacy to their children. Many mothers tend not to buy sweets at all for children in stores, but to cook them themselves.

As for homemade cakes, this is probably the most optimal option: to please the child with delicious food and to be sure of its quality. In addition, cookies "Barney" is very easy to cook at home.

Cook at home. Tasty and healthy

To prepare funny bears, we do not need so many products.

100 g of butter or margarine (if you can take better quality oil).

1 cup of flour (maybe more, it all depends on the flour itself and the number of other products taken).

3 eggs (always fresh).

1 tsp. Baking powder (or old-fashioned soda, slaked with vinegar).

Fresh (frozen) cherry. If it is not, use other favorite berries or generally replace with jam.

Sugar. It all depends on your tastes, an average of 6 tbsp. Spoons.

How to cook

In the dishes with high sides, where we will cook Barney cookies, drive 3 eggs (some culinary experts recommend adding salt) and fall asleep sugar. Whisk until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then add ghee and flour, which must be sieved, mixed with baking powder. The dough should have a consistency, like a pancake. If desired, add vanilla sugar.

Now put the dough into molds. In the middle of the bear, put a few cherries, previously unfrozen and removing the bones. Bake the beast in the oven at a temperature of 180C.

Our "Bear Barney" is ready, you can call children and treat them with a tasty and absolutely harmless treat.

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