Correct installation of the furnace in the bath

A sauna heater, or stove, is the main device that produces the necessary heat. After all, the high temperature inside the room is useful, because of this, people come to the steam room. And the stones, poured by water and heated, form the necessary steam. Correct selection and installation of the oven in the bath have a direct effect on its characteristics and properties.

It should start with the fact that for today the choice of stoves is quite wide. Here and simple burzhujki which are made of metal, and ancient, laid out from a brick or a stone. But more and more popular is the installation of bath ovens, produced by reputable companies that specialize in heating equipment. They are supplied with all the required instruments, which, in addition to monitoring the temperature and fuel consumption, are able to prevent the occurrence of a fire.

Installation of the oven in the bath can be done independently, there is nothing too complicated. The unit itself is already purchased in ready-made form, it is only necessary to connect it to the power source. In the event that firewood is used for heating, there are practically no problems, it is necessary to connect the chimney and start the operation of this heater.

With furnaces from a brick or a stone it is a little bit more difficult. There is nothing you can do on your own. In this case, the installation of the oven in the bathhouse should be done by a master-stoveman, and the owner will act as an assistant.

But it is worth noting that it is the brick or stone heating device in terms of heat generation that is the most optimal design. This option - the most laborious and expensive, as the erection of the foundation and masonry construction takes a considerable time, while you need to take into account the drying time of the foundation, which can take at least two to three weeks.

The simplest option is the installation of a furnace in a bath, which is made of metal sheets. This is usually done by welders who already have a hand in the production of heating equipment by the type of furnaces, furnaces, boilers. The most important thing here is the right choice of design, which depends on the power of all equipment, to be precise, on the amount of heat required for heating. It is also necessary to produce some calculations that are related to the volume of the room. The more it is, the higher the furnace power.

Before starting work on the construction of a bath it is necessary to solve some additional tasks. They, at first glance, do not play a significant role in the erection, but in reality, much depends on their solutions, including how, which installation of the sauna stove should be carried out in a particular bath.

The thing is that not only the steam room needs heating. The place to rest should also be well heated. It does not matter how long a person spends outside the steam room. And even if they rest at home in warmth and comfort, few will like the need to undress and dress in a cold room.

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