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What is differentiation and its varieties

To date, there are quite a lot of ambiguous terms that can be treated and treated in different ways, depending on their context. For example, this can best be applied to the word "differentiation". As you know, this word is found in history, in biology, in political science, and in economics. So what is differentiation?

First of all, it is worth considering this word in the context of natural sciences. What is differentiation in biology? The word itself in Latin means "divergence". In biology, this term is used to explain the appearance of differences in the structure and functions of cells, organs and tissues originating from the same zygote during the process of ontogeny. For example, in some mammals, stem cells are initially capable of differentiation, and give rise to the formation of new cells and tissues during their regeneration (renewal and recovery).

What is differentiation in economy and industry? In marketing, this term refers to the development of a number of features of a specific product, which are designed to significantly distinguish this product from similar products from competitive manufacturers and firms. In fact, the answer to the question of what is differentiation in marketing is simple is the selection of vendors' proposals against the backdrop of the total mass of competitive offers from other manufacturers. It is thanks to the process of differentiation that a product can consolidate its demand among consumers and take a more advantageous position in its segment of the market, thus gaining a competitive advantage.

What is differentiation in commodity science? It is the creation of similar goods to each other, but with slight differences. According to the theory of economics, these products satisfy the same needs, but their differences are remembered differently in the minds of consumers.

What is differentiation in service? This is one of the components of a comprehensive offer, services that accompany the product and differ in their level from the services of competitors.
What is differentiation in the economy? This concept is applied to the price policy. It means that there is a differentiated method of competition in the market - offering similar services and goods, but at different prices.

In linguistics there is the notion of "territorial differentiation of language". Due to this quality, a variety of linguistic groups and dialects has arisen. This concept is closely related to another term - "ethnic differentiation." In this case, this word will mean "stratification". It is the appearance of varieties of language that is associated with the action of divergent processes. As a consequence, the language breaks up into a number of idioms and lexical units. This process has occurred and is happening together with the process of ethnic differentiation. This term characterizes the aspiration of people, nations and nations, a certain ethnos or ethnic group, will separate or separate from other groups and ethnic groups. Such a process characterizes the desire for national independence and solvency, for self-development, political and economic independence.

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