Glue building: technical characteristics, GOST, manufacturer, composition, types

In the modern market, in addition to the classic fastening materials, you can find adhesives in a large assortment. The technology of their use is very simple, they are not worse in characteristics, and in some cases even better, in comparison with traditional fixing elements. The chemical composition of the glue can be divided into synthetic and natural compounds, among the latter are plant, animal and mineral. If you are interested in synthetic mixtures, you should pay attention to polymer and inorganic adhesives.

Varieties of building glue by the method of drying

Glue building can be attributed to one of the five main types, each of which differs by the way of drying. For example, PVA and CMC are glued together with a dry residue after evaporation of water. The second type is the contact adhesive, which acts by evaporation of the volatile solvent. Polyurethane compounds act on the principle of the effect of moisture, which is present in the material and air. After cooling of the melted glue, the same glue-melt adhesives can act. At the molecular level, molecular mixtures are glued together.

A variety of glue depending on the field of use

Glue building can be designed for use in a certain area, depending on this, these compositions are divided into parquet, ceiling, wallpaper, as well as floor. In the latter case, you can work with carpet, linoleum and other similar decorative coatings. If you are planning to perform certain repairs, you should buy glue, which has a special purpose. Specialists do not always advise the use of universal compounds, since a wide range of uses may indicate a less impressive strength and the ability to break down the materials to be bonded.

Adhesive for flooring and its technical characteristics

If you need a building glue that can strengthen the floor covering, then you will choose a composition made on the basis of synthetic resins. These mixtures are characterized by high strength and are environmentally friendly. They are resistant to the effects of temperature fluctuations, are easy to use and economical. Among such compositions it is necessary to allocate parquet, as the main component of which is PVA. This component is characterized by high fire-fighting qualities, and also has a relatively low cost. This product does not contain any volatile substances, solvents, it differs in plasticity and shows an economy of consumption. If you need a construction glue for parquet, which has frost-resistant qualities, then you should choose a special purpose mixture. It is able to withstand temperatures of -300 degrees without losing its original properties.

Composition and main features of parquet glue "Bona" R-777

The manufacturer of construction glue for parquet Bona R-777 is located in Sweden. The consumption of this material can be 800-1200 kilograms per square meter, the application should be carried out with a notched trowel. Full drying will occur in 24 hours, but it is recommended to work out the composition in 90 minutes.

The mixture is intended for all types of wood, any specially prepared surfaces can be used as a base. This environmentally friendly material is a two-component polyurethane elastic adhesive, which quickly reaches its ultimate strength. The surface will need to be prepared, it should be as flat as possible, firm and dry, there should be no organic compounds on the ground. The flow rate can be increased if the surface is not sufficiently level.

Features of application of glue "Bona"

Before using this composition, it is necessary to heat it to room temperature. To do this, the mixture is entered a day before the start of work in the room. Before use, the ingredients are mixed until they reach a uniform color and consistency. Parquet work must be started under certain conditions, when the air temperature is greater than or equal to 18 degrees, while the humidity should not exceed 70%. The surface of the base must also have a certain temperature, which is equal to or exceeds 15 degrees.

The glue is applied to the surface evenly. After mixing with the hardener, you should try to work out the prepared formulation within the mentioned time. During this period, the glued material must be laid and fixed in its final place.

Glue for ceiling and walls

The building glue, the types of which are described in the article, can be used for the installation of ceiling and wall panels. It is perfectly suited for gluing products from plastic, gypsum board or wood. As a base, brick, concrete, wood or cement can be used.

These compositions of the above group can be used inside living quarters, therefore environmentally friendly materials are used in the production process. These materials are versatile, so they can be used to glue panels to any surface. The product has a high initial strength, and gluing is achieved in a relatively short period of time.

Characteristics of Penosil Fix Go glue

This adhesive is a building, the technical characteristics of which are liked by most buyers, is able to glue panels from MDF and PVC. At the same time, it is not necessary to use a crate or frame system. The composition is polyurethane, and also has sealing properties. The solidified mass has excellent soundproofing qualities. Among the characteristics should be allocated quick drying, the possibility of using at negative temperatures, excellent adhesion, reliable attachment to uneven surfaces, as well as opposition to the spread of flame.

This compound is made in Estonia, and for 750 milliliters it is necessary to pay 320 rubles.

Adhesive for wallpaper

Building glue, the photo of which you will find in the article, can be used for gluing wallpapers. At the Russian consumer the most popular powder formulations, which are semi-finished products. They must be prepared before use. Less spread was the wallpaper paste, which is made by foreign manufacturers. However, there is no big difference between ready-made and dry formulations, but the first one costs more.

Characteristics of wallpaper paste "Methylan"

The adhesive glue must be manufactured in accordance with GOST 30535-97. The composition "Metylan fleeceline express premium" mentioned in the subheading is intended for single-layer wallpaper, which are made on a smooth non-woven basis. Among the ingredients should be allocated antifungal additives, as well as modified starch. It must be carried directly to the wall, and ready for use, it will be 3 minutes after cooking. The composition is compatible with cement and lime.

After gluing the wallpaper, you can cut the wallpaper directly on the wall. The manufacturer of this glue is in Germany, it guarantees the shelf life of the formulation for 48 months. Before purchasing the product, you should familiarize yourself with the consumption, which will amount to a limit of 150 to 250 milliliters per square meter. After cooking, you should get a homogeneous, viscous, smooth, translucent mass.

GOST and characteristics of universal PVA glue

The universal building glue enjoys the greatest popularity among consumers. With it, you can restore the decayed finish coatings during operation. The mixture is manufactured in accordance with GOST 18992-80. Among the characteristics it is necessary to allocate a high adhesive capacity, which is 450 N / m. It is impossible not to mention frost resistance, low consumption, explosion and fire safety, high elasticity of the obtained joints, and also the absence of brittleness after drying.

Adhesive compounds will be able to undergo without loss of quality characteristics about 4 cycles of freezing and thawing, they are stored for about 6 months. You should be interested in consumption: it is equal to 100-900 grams per 1 square meter. Such a large run is due to the fact that masters can carry out work of different types, where materials of a certain absorbency are involved.

The glue will be completely solidified within 24 hours. It is non-toxic, differs in moisture-repellent characteristics, and also allows working with gaps, the thickness of which reaches several millimeters. The composition of the construction adhesive PVA includes emulsions of polyvinyl acetate, water, special additives, as well as plasticizers.


If you decide to use universal adhesive construction, the GOST of which was mentioned above, you can at any time with its help paste any decorative finish. However, for carrying out repair and construction works it is best to choose a composition that has a special purpose.

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