How to build a bath of foam blocks

When there is a need to build a bath in the territory of a private house or cottage, the first thing to think about is what material to build. Wooden or brick baths are quite expensive, in addition, during construction, there is a need for additional heat and waterproofing. Bath of foam blocks - the best option, both in terms of budget savings, and the speed of construction of a future building. And quality depends not so much on experience in construction, as on the quality of the material itself.

Foam concrete is an eco-friendly and relatively inexpensive material that is easy to install and handle, as well as durable and durable. It can be easily cut, sawed and drilled. In the foam concrete walls it is very simple to screw the screw, drive a nail or put a metal bracket, cut the switch or the socket. It is easy to do in them and channels for communication.

Foam concrete is close in density to wood, but at the same time it is more durable - bath from foam blocks will last much longer. In addition, foam blocks are characterized by quite good thermal insulation. The opinion that the bath of foam concrete blocks will be cold, in fact is a delusion. Before you build a bath, you need to carefully select the material.

For the construction of a bath, special foam blocks are required, which include a moisture resistant primer, which prevents the appearance of mold and fungus. Also, foam concrete is characterized by low thermal conductivity - the heat in the sauna room will remain for a long time.

Thanks to the porous structure of the foam block, the air remains clean and healthy. Construction of foam concrete implies the absence of additional hydro- and vapor barrier. If desired, the walls of the steam room or shower room can be covered with a primer, and then apply the plaster along with the dissolved glue for the tiles and trim them with a wooden lining.

When using a non-vagative foam blocks for building a bath, it is likely that such a building will not last long, because a fungus, mold and high humidity will destroy the structure of the material, not to mention the harm to health.

A place for construction should be chosen dry and somewhat sublime.

The construction of a bath at the dacha begins, as a rule, with the calculation of its volume and area, as well as the number of required materials. For the construction of the roof using wooden beams.

For a bath of foam concrete blocks, the foundation is lightened, since the blocks themselves are rather light and do not exert a heavy load on the base. On the foundation, it is necessary to lay two layers of ruberoid, and the masonry itself should be carried out in the orderly way.

As materials for exterior decoration, lining or blockhouse is usually used, at the discretion of the customer. Use of poor-quality materials can lead to the appearance of cracks. Even if we insulate the wall surface from the inside, it will still heat up, while the temperature of the outer surface will coincide with the temperature of the surrounding air. This temperature difference, in fact, will cause the bath of foam blocks to collapse soon.

That is why the choice of quality material, which determines the strength and durability of the future bath, is so important in construction.

How to choose foam blocks for a bath?

You need to pay attention to the appearance and density of the material. Blocks should have uniform color and even edges and be the same size. It is best if the bath of foam blocks will be built using wall and insulation blocks. Such materials do not lose their thermal insulation properties and strength even under conditions of strong heating and high humidity.

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