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Cork: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

The main reason for the appearance of a sulfur plug in the ear is the use of cotton wool to clean the ears. The thing is that the sulfur thanks to them is pushed back into the ear and tamped around the eardrum. If you clean your ears and notice a large amount of sulfur on a cotton swab, this is by no means a sign of a qualitative cleaning of the ears. The cotton swab takes only the liquid substance, while the denser particles settle in the ear.

As it turned out, sulfur cork is a phenomenon common to many people. Very frequent cases of its occurrence in people who suffer from chronic dermatoses.

However, some do not even suspect its existence. When its formation begins, the hearing aid is only partially blocked. But then the situation can acquire a more serious form due to several factors:

  1. Frequent cleaning of the ears with cotton buds, as a result of which its active compaction begins.
  2. Contact with liquid in the ear. When water enters the ear, it causes the sulfur plug to swell. It, therefore, becomes larger and blocks the auditory passage. As a consequence, a person notices a sharp decrease in hearing.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a closer look at the phenomenon, like a sulfur plug in the ear. Symptoms of its presence can be as follows:

  1. The auditory perception is broken.
  2. The person starts to notice some noise in the ears.
  3. Rare signs are cough, headaches, sometimes vomiting or attacks of nausea.

If a person has a normal hearing, this is the main indication that his auditory canals are clean. Of course, if the sulfur plug does not completely block the auditory canal, then its presence may remain invisible. Symptoms can occur, for example, after falling into the ear of water, resulting in an increase in volume.

However, do not immediately sound an alarm, if after getting into the ear of fluid you have an ear. Sometimes such a symptom is short-lived and is not related to the presence of a cork. But in the case of the duration of such a condition, the consultation of an otolaryngologist is simply irreplaceable.

As soon as it became known that you have a sulfur plug in your ear, you should immediately remove it. Remember that self-medication can cause hearing loss and other pathologies, so you should seek professional help. You need to choose a specialist who has experience in removing sulfuric cork.

The most basic method is washing, which consists in that a pulsating stream of water on the back wall is sent to the area of the ear canal. Cork together with water then flows out of the auricle.

Some cases of ineffectiveness of this method of treatment have been fixed. Therefore, another version is developed, due to which sulfur cork is eliminated. Treatment in this case is to use sodium bicarbonate, the drops of which are heated to 37 degrees, and then instilled in the ear for several hours. Time depends on the size of the cork. Thus, preliminary softening is carried out. In addition to drops, the composition of the solution also includes glycerin and water. After that the plug is washed out in the usual way, which is described above.

Remember that self-medication has a negative effect on your health, so you should seek help only from a specialist. Perhaps the cause of your ailment is not sulfur plug, but some other pathological diseases of the auditory canal. A qualified examination will help to establish an accurate diagnosis and choose an appropriate treatment, which in this situation is very important. Because hearing is a very delicate mechanism, which is easy to damage.

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