How to build a pool, the main aspects of construction

People who have the means to build a solid country house, can afford to build a pool in the country. It is very pleasant to soak in your own pond on a hot day off. Do not rush into the car with all supplies and change clothes to get to the river or pond with water of dubious purity. And if you still make a roof and heated water, then you can swim in your own pond in any weather. How to build a swimming pool in the country? You can order its construction of a specialized organization, or you can build it yourself. In any case, before you build a pool, you need to determine its location, bottom profile, depth and size.

The optimum depth for adults is considered to be 144 cm. If jumping into the water from a height of 1 m is assumed, then the depth should be at least 230 cm. And if the jumps are made from a height of 3-4 m, then the depth under the jump platform must be at least 315 Cm, and then it smoothly goes to a depth of 144 cm. The more depth, the more expensive construction costs. How to build a pool if the family has small children? Or adults who still have to be taught to swim? And how to build a swimming pool so that you can enjoy the opportunity to swim with those who already know how to do it?

If both categories are available, then the depth is chosen with a smooth transition from 80 cm to 130 cm, and if there are those who can swim, then the depth transition increases to 144 cm. Of course, those who can swim need a longer length. Here the limitation is two factors: the size of the site on which the pool is built, and the state of the wallet. For those who are limited by the first factor and who do not have questions on the second, there is a device widely used in the Western countries - countercurrent. It creates a powerful counter current, and the question of creating a long track for the swim disappears.

When the depth, profile, shape of the basin and its location are determined, as well as the drainage and water supply system and the question of how to build a pool is solved: with the help of a specialized organization or with your own hands, you can start digging a foundation pit. The perimeter of the excavation is marked taking into account the allowance of 0.5 m along its assumed boundaries. The depth of excavation should ideally have an allowance of 1.5 m. The walls of the pit should have a slope of no more than 7 ° to prevent them from falling off. The bottom is leveled, tamped, and a sand cushion is laid on it. Further, waterproofing the bottom. Walls are made using formwork, which can be wooden, plastic or metal. The gap between the soil and the formwork is filled with concrete. For strength, the walls are reinforced with a steel mesh. In advance, water is poured, that is, a drain pipe is installed. Further, the bottom is also poured with concrete. When pouring the bottom reinforced with the same steel mesh. You need to make sure that the mesh is inside the concrete layer. The bottom and walls are traditionally faced with ceramic tiles.

Now with the development of the production of polymeric materials for waterproofing, synthetic films are used. They have long been used abroad, and they have proven their reliability. If they are used for waterproofing, then a special technology for manufacturing the bottom and walls of the pool is used. To install such a waterproofing it is better to consult specialists.

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