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Skis are water. Characteristics and history

Water skiing is a fairly simple way to actively relax and get a lot of positive emotions, because there is no need to have any special skills, and for simple skiing do not need suitable weather conditions and the presence of a wave on the water surface. To the tug, there are practically no requirements, because all that is needed is a suitable speed for creating the necessary resistance.

Water skies are a bit like those on which winter walks are carried out, and the main difference lies in the special geometry and material used for manufacturing. If you remember the time when water skiing was just beginning, skis were made of wood of various breeds with high resistance to loads and moisture, but this outdated technology has long since sunk into oblivion. Now, water skis are high-technology devices made from polyurethane foam, which has much lower weight with increased slip characteristics. Therefore, it is safe to apply them in any case.

It is noteworthy that today water skiing is not only an interesting entertainment, but also a full-fledged sport, despite its absence in the competitions of the Olympics. Skiing is practically a sports projectile, which has different characteristics and features, depending on the purpose. So, there are paired, jumping and slalom skis. The latter are designed to perform complex tricks on the water, and accordingly, they are able to withstand excessive loads with enviable ease.

Plastic water skis, as a rule, have a special longitudinal chute, which significantly increases the stability, which makes them the most suitable for those who are just starting to master this type of sports recreation. Jumping skis are much heavier than paired skis, and in addition, they are somewhat larger. Because of this, only an experienced athlete can handle them. As for the slalom ski, it is a cross between a pair of skis and a wakeboard (a wake board). This is the most complex projectile, requiring a certain skill and experience.

When choosing skis, it is important to pay attention to the index of flexibility. This parameter is the most important, because it is responsible for the ability of the projectile to extinguish the impacts of waves when moving. Water skis with high flexibility are characterized by increased maneuverability and stability, but they are not able to develop high speed, which is most suitable for beginners. Skis with increased hardness are less stable, but are capable of developing a decent speed. Despite these features, both versions are reinforced with fiberglass and have an extended rear part facilitating planning.

However, not only the technical characteristics of water skiing differ, the price also has a wide range, because everything depends on the quality of the manufactured products, the material, the manufacturer. Today, many companies produce quite acceptable sports equipment with a suitable price-quality ratio, but it is not worth saving on this shell, because this can depend not only on health, but also on life.

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