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How to raise a boy a real man: recommendations, educational psychology and effective advice

Already at the stage of pregnancy, knowing that soon will be born a long-awaited son, every woman thinks about how to raise a boy a real man. It would seem that nothing is complicated in this - according to the prevailing stereotypes, the boy needs his father's attention for the correct growth and formation of knowledge. And not just attention, but the direct involvement of the parent in the life of the child. Modern psychology debunked the myth that only in a full family it is possible to grow a real and strong man - he is able to raise both a woman in marriage and a single mother.


When a baby is born, he needs all the love and care of his mother. To a conscious age, according to studies, the child does not distinguish between people by sex, but by the first year of life he can easily determine where the mother, father, sister, uncle or other relatives are familiar. From the very moment of birth, the boy needs more warmth and affection than a newborn girl, since small representatives of the strong half of humanity are more vulnerable physically and psychologically. Do not limit the communication with the baby - even at such a young age the child feels the attitude towards himself. Pointing on the hands of a crying son, you should talk with him, reminding him that he is a man, he is strong and brave.

Growing up

When the boy turns three years old, communication with males becomes a necessity for him, and it does not matter who it will be: dad, husband of a friend or grandfather. For him, the main thing at this age is to comprehend and adopt all male behavioral habits and habits. In how to raise a boy a real man, psychology at this stage of his development advises not to force the child to do anything at the will of the parents, against his will. This is fraught with the emergence of misunderstandings in the family, as well as the manifestation of personality complexes in the baby at a more mature age.

From the boy to the man

The child, becoming older and taking as a basis the features of the behavior of the people around him from the very childhood of the stronger sex, builds communication with peers and relatives. The attitude towards women in the boy is formed due to his mother - she is the personification of femininity, beauty and home warmth. Looking at her mother, the kid on a subconscious level remembers her features, both external and character, which in the future will reflect on his preferences in choosing a companion of life.

Can the mother raise her son on her own?

Many women, in trying to give their child the love and care of their father, often sacrifice themselves. Moreover, each of them finds excuses for their actions: "Well, that my husband beats me / does not work / drinks / changes, but the boy has a father." To raise a man out of him, he needs a father's care. " Often, such "care" is manifested in the form of constant pokes and pushes, because when you show disrespect to a woman you can hardly expect from a husband of strong paternal feelings. Men of this kind, in no way, except, of course, the very conception, will not participate in the upbringing of the baby, all cares for him will lie entirely on the shoulders of women.

In the end, after long and painful attempts to correct "careless father" and vain search for compromise, the family disintegrates. This pushes a woman with a young son to look for a new dad for the baby. Sometimes everything repeats in a circle, and in other cases, only a few get a good family man and father. Do not think that, leaving her husband, a single mother will not be able to properly raise a boy - such is the power of any adequate and loving mother. To do this, you must follow several simple rules of communication with the child.

How to raise a boy a real man without a father

From the moment of comprehension of the surrounding world, the mother must develop in her son responsibility for herself, her words and deeds. Over time, the boy will begin to understand that the promised must be performed, and mistakes are corrected. Clarify the child should only calm, affectionate tone, without scandals and hysterics. It is important to remember that the baby should always be given the right to choose - only so he feels himself to be independent.

In how to raise a boy a real man, there is another important aspect: the son must feel its importance. But you do not need to cultivate egocentrism in it - such a person will grow up to be a "narcissist", and further adaptation in adulthood will be considerably hampered. Significance is not instilled in the scale of the universe (I have everything for this world), but only in relation to the mother. For example, when boarding in public transport, a mother can ask her son to help her, or during a walk she turns to him with the words: "Take my hand, I suddenly fall, and you hold me."

Any mother should understand that it is vitally important to communicate with male children to a child in order to become a successful and confident man. She is obliged to allow her son to see his father (if any), to spend time with him. At the same time, she should constantly be aware of all the events taking place in his life, talking to him about it and helping to solve problems. How to properly raise a son a real man? Become for him a friend, the best and the closest. With a lack of male attention to the boy, naturally, after agreeing with him, you need to write down in any sports section - the sport disciplines, helps the child to adapt in society.

Education of a real man: common mistakes

  1. Overabundance of love in a conscious age provokes a misperception of the world around the child. Undoubtedly, it is possible and necessary to love and protect your child, but in everything there must be a measure. Mothers should pre-adjust themselves at a time when the son will grow up and get a family. Some women are particularly keen on taking the child out of the parents' home, they just can not accept that their adored son is now without a mother.
  2. A cruel attitude, pressure from the parents never helped to raise a strong and courageous man. Of the families who believe that screaming and assaulting, as well as the lack of the right to choose, is the norm, outcry, shy and at the same time embittered guys who have low self-esteem and disrespect for women in their luggage. It is worth remembering that our children are a reflection of the "weather in the house" and the behavior of the parents.
  3. The lack of attention on the part of both the mother and the father makes the future man shut up in himself. Growing up, such boys become alienated, many of them, in order to make their parents notice themselves, contact bad companies, start using alcohol, drugs, acquire various harmful habits.

The future man: education in a full family

Some mothers make one very big mistake - worrying about the health and safety of a newborn baby, they do not give the father a full enjoyment of communication with him. It is the very first moment of the meeting between father and son that is the key moment in how to raise a boy a real man. If the wife repeatedly refuses her husband in his desire to help with the baby, then the future healthy communication between the father and son can come to naught.

Mom and dad

The mother should often leave the child with her husband, promote their joint pastime - organize for their men a variety of trips, direct them to fishing. In any conflict situations, the mother must observe neutrality, but do not forget to talk with the baby about his misconduct.

How can a father raise a boy a real man? To do this, you need to be an example to him in everything, from the attitude to his wife and ending with his position in society. The child intuitively feels, whether the daddy loves mum, whether he respects it. Even if both parents at the son try to create the image of an ideal family, and behind closed doors constantly quietly find out the relationship - to bring up a real, mentally healthy member of the society from the boy will be difficult.

Books - the best assistants in the educational process

Many parents are looking for an answer to the question of how to raise a boy a real man. The book, which contains the good old tales, helps to tell the child in detail about the role that he occupies in life. Knights, bogatyrs, princes possessing remarkable strength, are always ready to come to the aid of the weak half - beauties, bewitched by evil wizards.

The distribution of roles in each fairy story makes it possible to explain to the little boy that men are strong, heroic and selfless people. Thanks to the tales in the child's subconsciousness, an ideal image is formed, to which he wants to strive.

How to raise a son a real man: advice of psychologists for moms

  1. Teach your child the rules of etiquette. It does not matter at what age to start, the main thing is that he understands how to talk with seniors from a young age, why women need to be helped, and how important are the words spoken to them.
  2. Explain to the son that all his emotions: fear, confusion, joy, sadness and sadness can and should be expressed in words.
  3. Accustom a child to order, let him help you around the house.
  4. Organize reading evenings, read good life stories and tales to your son, share your impressions with him.
  5. Teach the child correctly to lose. Supporting in his failures, tell the boy that one defeat is not an excuse to give up and give up the goal.
  6. Show him that showing tenderness is not a weakness.
  7. Allow the child to help you and the people around you. It's let, not forced.
  8. Promote frequent communication between father and son.

Recommendations for fathers

  1. During the entire pregnancy, support the spouse, talk to the baby growing under her heart. After his birth, try to spend as much time as possible next to him. It is at this stage that you begin to understand how to raise a real man from a boy, using only his skills and love for the child.
  2. Find free time, try to be at home as long as possible - endless business trips and a non-standard working day take away from your baby a precious childhood spent together with the pope.
  3. More often show emotions. The love, laughter and tears associated with your son are not considered weakness. Looking at you, the boy will understand that there is nothing shameful about this.
  4. Be disciplined, set the daily routine for the child. How to raise a son, so that he grew up a successful man? Make his day useful, help him solve the tasks. Gently, without assault, set norms of discipline, while calmly and firmly insist on respect for yourself and your mother.
  5. Be able to have fun with your son. Joint leisure should bring joy to both the child and you.

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