Which cement is better for the foundation: brand, manufacturer

Many people who are engaged in building their own home are interested in the question of which cement is better for the foundation. This is quite an important aspect, since the quality of the foundation depends on how much the building will stand. This article will consider the basic nuances that should be considered when buying cement.

general information

Nowadays, on the shelves of building stores, you can find a huge number of different brands of cement, domestic and foreign production, so many people simply do not know what cement is better for the foundation. When choosing a lot of factors, the main ones are:

  • strength;
  • Compatibility with reinforced concrete structures;
  • Type of construction;
  • The weight of the future building;
  • shelf life;
  • Availability of quality certificates.

All these parameters affect the quality, strength and durability of the foundation, therefore, when purchasing materials, they must be taken into account.

Recommendations for selection

What brand of cement is better for the foundation? This question does not give rest to many novice builders. Portland cement is considered to be ideal, since the solution prepared on its basis has high strength and excellent resistance to negative environmental factors. As for the choice of a particular brand, everything depends on the type of construction for which the foundation will be poured.

If you want to build a foundation for the drainage system, it is allowed to use materials with low strength, and which cement is better for the foundation of the house? For residential buildings should choose materials, strength of which is 2 times higher than that of a concrete mix. If you adhere to all construction technologies, then cement must have strength from the M400.

Overview of the main brands of cement

To date, there are not many brands of cement that are suitable for the construction of residential buildings. If you do not know which cement is better for pouring the foundation, then here is the list of acceptable grades:

  • PC M400 D0 - an astringent mixture from which high-strength cement is obtained, capable of withstanding very high loads and having high resistance to moisture and severe frost;
  • PC M400 D20 - cement of good quality and at an affordable price. Has a high resistance to aggressive environmental factors;
  • PC M500 D0 is a high-quality astringent mixture, in which the cement content reaches 99%. Ideal for pouring foundation for heavy residential houses and small production facilities;
  • PC M500 D20 - a material that, by its properties and characteristics, is almost identical to the previous one, but has less strength.

For the basement on which non-residential buildings will be located, it is possible to use other grades of cement made on slag base, however, they are not suitable for heavy buildings.

Decoding of the marking of cements

To understand which cement is better for the foundation, the manufacturer does not have absolutely no significance at all, it is necessary to learn to understand the marking. In addition to the mark, the abbreviation can contain the following parameters:

  1. B - cement, which has a fast setting. Used on construction sites with a limited construction period.
  2. PL is a plasticized binder capable of withstanding very low temperatures.
  3. SS - one of the types of cement, which has increased resistance to negative environmental factors.
  4. NC is a stressing PC having high resistance to moisture and high strength after hardening. Used to fill the basement in the basement, to build houses on difficult soils and to reconstruct buildings.

Ability to understand the marking of cement will allow you to avoid a lot of mistakes in the construction process.

Varieties of additives in concrete

To ensure that concrete or a future foundation is durable and durable, and also has high performance characteristics, it includes certain additives that can be divided into the following types:

  1. Plasticizers allow you to mix a solution with a smaller amount of water, so the foundation will be much less freezing in the cold season, will be more durable and durable, and also do not ask for in time.
  2. Antifreeze additives are used in construction when building houses in cold regions. They allow you to work properly with cement in severe frost.
  3. Seals help increase the strength of concrete and are used to build walls of small thickness.
  4. Accelerators are used for the construction of tight deadlines, when it is necessary that the cement as soon as possible gained its strength after pouring.
  5. Palliation inhibitors are used in those cases where it is necessary to keep the cement in the liquid state for a long period of time, for example, during transportation.

There are also universal supplements that combine all of the above properties.

Concrete admixture: optimum proportions of materials

Knowledge of what cement is better to fill the foundation is not enough, since it is still necessary to be able to mix it correctly. Good concrete should contain at least 25% of cement, however, when preparing the mixture, follow the manufacturer's recommendations on the packaging. For the preparation of cement under the foundation should choose a brand from M200 and above, because the smaller brand is not capable of withstanding heavy loads and is unsuitable for building houses.

Good and high-quality concrete with properly chosen PC consists of one part of cement, three parts of sand and five - gravel. As for water, its quantity depends on the brand of building material, however, the minimum volume is 0.4, and the maximum does not exceed 0.65. Immediately it is worth noting that these proportions are only suitable if you use high-quality materials.

The process of kneading

So, we have already figured out what cement is better for the foundation, as well as in the optimal proportions of materials necessary for obtaining high-quality and durable concrete. Now you need to talk about what technology you need to make batch, so that the finished mixture is good. All work is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. First 4/5 water is poured into the mixer.
  2. Then, gravel or crushed rock is added.
  3. Cement and sand are poured.
  4. During the batch, the remaining water is added in small portions.

If you are building in a region with difficult climatic conditions and frosty winters or in a flooded plot of land, in addition to the main components, special plasticizers are added to the concrete, which significantly increase its operational properties. Add them to the building mix at the very end of the mix , strictly adhering to the manufacturer's specified proportions.

A few words about the price

What cement is better for the foundation of the house, we now know, but how much will it cost to buy materials? It all depends on what kind of packaging you are buying materials. Cement is sold in bags, big bags and weight. The latter option is the most profitable and will allow you to save a decent amount.

As for the average market prices for the CPU, the purchase of mixtures from well-known brands with high quality and excellent operational properties will cost approximately 4000-4500 rubles. The exact amount depends on the brand of the mixture and the presence in it of various additives that increase the resistance of cement to water and frost. If you buy in bulk sacks weighing 50 kg, then for a unit you will pay about 230 rubles.

Cement from which manufacturers are better?

Which cement is better for the foundation of the bath, and which manufacturers produce the best quality mixes to date? A unequivocal answer to this question is very difficult, since both domestic and foreign materials are on sale. Some experienced builders argue that cement of American and European production is better, however, given their high cost, buying these mixtures will not be affordable for everyone.

Among the Russian companies engaged in the production of cement, the products of Novgorod and Borshchevsky cement plants, as well as companies such as Sebryakovcement, Mikhailov Cement Rusean and some others are in great demand. All these companies produce high-quality PCs of various brands at affordable prices, so the foundation will not cost you too much.

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