HILST concrete substitute: instruction, advantages and disadvantages

The cost of concrete for many private builders makes you think about the use of substitutes for this material. The modern market is constantly replenished with new developments that help to facilitate the work, improving the quality of the houses being built. Among such novelties, it is possible to single out a concrete substitute, which is produced under the brand name Hilst. During its existence, he managed to gain popularity and received positive feedback from customers. It is used for fixing vertical supports, as well as horizontal bases. In the first case we are talking about the pillars that are used to install fences, as well as signs and indexes. In the case of horizontal bases, we can talk about the elements of water supply systems.

The concrete substitute allows to provide reliable installation of described designs in those places where application of traditional concrete can appear inconvenient. Such cases extend to the taiga, the places of permafrost, and also the mountainous terrain.

Main advantages

If it is necessary to construct fences or mount supports, it becomes necessary to fix pipes or poles firmly in the soil. To this end, the technology is most often used to this day, which involves the installation of elements with the help of ordinary concrete. In this case, a pit is dug out, into which the support is installed, and the resulting hollow space is poured with a sand-cement mix. This technique has proved itself quite well, but it has many shortcomings, among the main ones one can single out a long term for the solidification of the solution. In order to wait for strength, it should take approximately 28 days. Among other things, similar work on sand-cement mixing is laborious and entails the occurrence of a large amount of dirt and dust. In order to smooth out the shortcomings of this method, you should pay attention to the concrete substitute. This system allows you to install pillars and rods without excessive dust and dirt in the shortest possible time. As for the strength of the structure, it will be even higher than the one that can be achieved with the use of concrete.

Additional benefits

The material described has unique characteristics that allow it to solidify within just 5 minutes. Thanks to the strength of this substitute allows you to save, because its consumption can be reduced by 40 times compared with traditional concrete. Composite composition is realized in convenient packages, which are easy to load and unload, and also transport. If compared with a conventional cement-sand mortar, the concrete substitute is absolutely safe, it does not corrode and rot the base made of wood. If you mix two components, you will be able to get a composition that allows you to fix the supports in the soil quite firmly and in a short time.

Why else should you buy a replacement solution of the brand Hilst

If you still can not decide whether to buy a substitute for Hilst concrete, then you should pay attention to the additional advantages that the mixture can be used even in severe frost, when the mark on the thermometer has dropped below -25 degrees. Among other things, the solution is environmentally friendly, it is not capable of harming human health, as well as the external environment.

Instructions for use

If you decide to purchase a substitute for Hilst concrete, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the features of its use. This analogue of concrete can be obtained by mixing the two components that are supplied in the kit. As a rule, the manufacturer makes them in the form of a powder. In order to achieve strengthening in the soil of the supporting structure, which the pillar can make, it is necessary to prepare a pit. Its dimensions should be somewhat larger than the diameter of the column. For the reason that the material consumption is insignificant, this difference should not be too large. In the finished pit, the master installs the pillar, and afterwards he mixes the ingredients in a plastic container. The resulting mixture is poured into the pit.

Recommendations of a specialist

In order to prepare a substitute for concrete "Hilst", it is necessary to use a drill with a nozzle-mixer. When the ingredients are mixed, a chemical reaction will begin, the substitute will increase in size. In the end, the composition will fill the hollow space, penetrating into all the voids of the soil. From the master it is required only to hold the support in an upright position. As practice shows, the installation of poles takes quite a bit of time. If it is a question of one support, then it will take about 5 minutes. An hour after fixing, other elements can be attached to the post. During this period, the substitute will gain a design level of strength.

Instruction for the shut-in

If you will be installing poles with the described substitute cement-sand mixture, then you should consider some of the recommendations that are given by the manufacturer. Thus, with a volume of composition of 1 liter, the volume of the finished mixture after expansion will be 14 liters. Components should be mixed for 15 to 30 seconds. The chemical reaction and expansion will begin after 45 seconds. The full expansion will reach 3 minutes, and 80% strength will be achieved within 5 minutes. After 3 hours you can count on full strength, while the compressive strength is 660 kPa. A similar volume of cement is equivalent to 40 kilograms.


Visiting the store, you will be able to find out that manufacturers offer for sale three varieties of the described material, each of which is intended for a certain amount of work. For example, "Hilst-standard" will cost about 750 rubles. For packing, but the substitute for concrete Hilst professional costs 6500 rubles. For 10 liters. You can buy another variety, which is known as Hilst expert, for 40 liters of this composition will have to pay 24,000 rubles. The first variety is used in private construction, other types of composite composition are used by companies that are engaged in the construction of large facilities. Due to the lower consumption, the described substitute is economical, which allows it to be one step ahead of the cement mortar.


The cost of concrete should also interest you, if you intend to carry out construction work. For a cubic meter of this material will have to pay 2800 rubles. Before starting manipulations, you can make a comparison, which will allow you to understand which material will be more profitable. It is worth remembering that the use of substitutes can be quite expensive. As practice shows, the benefit is observed only when the use of analogs allows you to achieve those properties of the concrete mixture that are necessary for certain works. If you want to use concrete analogs to reduce financial costs, you should not count on it, because these substances can be compared with the cost of cement, and in some cases they are more expensive, which is not profitable.

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