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Many people who have worked conscientiously the whole year, please the thought of the coming rest. Soon leave, and you can go to the resorts with sandy beaches. However, even the most experienced tourist always strives to visit the corners of the planet unknown to him earlier. This is where the question arises: what are the good resorts of the world worth visiting, and where to rest is not recommended.

Sunny Hawaiian Islands

Travel is considered to be one of the most popular types of travel to the wonderful distant islands, for example Hawaiian. All these islands are slightly more than thirty, but the most popular sea resorts among Russians:

  • Maui.
  • Big Island.
  • Oahu.
  • Lanai.

The climate here is very mild, in winter the air temperature does not fall below +25, while in summer it is colder. For tourists who like exotics, waterfalls, rainforest and orchids, there is no better place to relax in the world. Come to Hawaii reviews are recommended in December, January or February. But hot tours at low prices are usually offered from April to the end of November.

Pearls of the Indian Ocean - Maldives

Maldives, scattered in the blue waters of the ocean, like pearls, are also good resorts of the world, where many wealthy Russians like to fly to rest. The price for a five-night stay will be for two from 180 to 500 thousand rubles, depending on the hotel and other amenities. It is not surprising that many enthusiastically speak about the Maldives, because here it gives the impression of being in a tropical paradise.

Eternal summer, snow-white sand, blue lagoons, fabulous coral reefs and palms ... For lovers of exotic marine animals, open corners, where you can see the living inhabitants of the Indian Ocean. All this splendor can not help fascinating tourists, forcing them to return to the Maldives again ...

Ibiza - the best holiday for young people around the world!

For young people who are worried about not just the good resorts of the world, but full freedom and an endless holiday, a trip to Ibiza is the ideal solution. Many people who visited this island in Spain, sharing their impressions, note the atmosphere of boundless freedom, fireworks and fun.

For a price of one hundred thousand rubles per person, you can perfectly relax here for two weeks. Rest on Ibiza is simply impossible!

Resorts of Thailand

Many inexpensive good resorts of the world are located in Thailand, for example, Phuket, Pattaya and others.

Tourists, who dream of relaxing peacefully with the whole family, will be glad to meet the biggest Thai island of Phuket. The most favorable time for rest in this first-class resort is from November to March. The island is very rich in beautiful places and attractions, all of them in two weeks is unlikely to be seen, but there is always an option to come to Phuket again.

Pattaya is considered the most famous and popular tourist destination in Thailand. There is everything that an adventurer or a harmonious holiday can only desire. Most of the coast is sandy beaches. Here you can find many fashionable hotels. The island is ideal for families and nightlife adventurers.

The famous resort of India - Goa

Absolutely unlike the rest of the country, the Indian resort of Goa occupies more than one hundred kilometers of the ocean coast. A large number of sandy beaches are always ready to welcome tourists from Russia and Europe. The southern part of the coast is considered more expensive and comfortable for tourist rest, and the northern part is populated mainly by advanced Americans and Europeans.

Resorts of Abkhazia

Not only in the far reaches you can relax, bask in the sun or actively spend your vacation, doing water or other sports. Famous resorts of Abkhazia are also great for this and are much closer than distant islands. Pleasure and prices for vouchers - from 25 thousand rubles for one person.

For connoisseurs of active recreation, Gagry is suitable. There will be something to do with the whole family, there is a water park and a hydropathic institution. All the beaches nearby are small pebbles.

Another good resort with clean and fresh air and a good climate is New Athos. According to reviews, the beaches encircle the whole city, so you can go to the sea from anywhere.

Not the most popular resort, but very beautiful - Gudauta. The mild climate, the famous Lake Ritsa, mountains and meadows are not inferior in beauty to the Alpine. The testimonies indicate that there are lower prices for housing and food products than in other resorts of Abkhazia, and tourists are much smaller.

The resort village of Abkhazia Pitsunda is located near Gagra. In this village is the only sandy coast of the country. In addition, you can visit the beautiful relict pine grove and breathe medicinal air. Other resorts of the Black Sea can not boast such clean water on the beaches. In addition, the sea is not subject to storms here.

Also in Abkhazia there are climatobalneological resorts with clean mineral springs and sea air. For example, the capital of the country is Sukhum. The city is protected from cold air masses, so the weather here is beautiful all year round. The coast of the city stretches for 10 km.

Resorts of Russia

For those who do not want to travel outside their native country, there are resorts of the Black Sea or the newly annexed peninsula Crimea. Here you can perfectly relax in the summer without spending a lot of money.

In summer, fruits and berries are ripening in these regions, which grow right on the streets of cities. In the Krasnodar Territory there are many options for recreation with the whole family:

  • Anapa.
  • Tuapse.
  • Gelendzhik.
  • Sochi.

Anapa is considered an ideal place for children. 40 km of sandy coast are very convenient for the whole family, as they are flat and sandy. There are also small areas of small pebble beaches. In Anapa a large number of water parks, zoos, attractions, oceanariums, dolphinariums, as well as many recreational children's complexes. If you believe the reviews, in Russia there is no better resort for recreation with children.

It is also popular to travel to Sochi. After all, here - a unique nature, developed infrastructure, a large number of recreational facilities and the cleanest sea in the region. Here you can perfectly relax families with children and otvyaznogo youth. Festivals, best nightclubs, water parks and attractions, oceanariums and dolphinariums - everything you can wish for on holiday, tourists can find in Sochi! Among the shortcomings of the reviews are high prices for housing and entertainment.

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