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US flags - modern and confederal

Each country has its own recognizable symbolism. Some have even several options. For example, there are different flags of the United States. One of them is official, and the second is related to the history of the country and is used only in some states. Let's study them closer.

The modern flag of America

The official cloth is distinguished by a traditional rectangular shape, but an unusual proportion - the sides are related to each other as ten to nineteen. The US flag is covered with horizontal stripes of red and white colors. The first on the cloth seven, and the second - six, they all go alternately. In the upper corner, also called the canton, the US flag is complemented by a blue rectangle, which depicts fifty white stars. All of them are five-pointed. It is interesting that this is the flag of the United States is one of the oldest in the history of national symbols - the third place is sent to even more ancient cloths of Great Britain and France. When did he appear?

History of the cloth

The US flag was first used on June 14, 1777. This date began to be used in the future to celebrate the national banner day. Its original value was due to the number of colonies that gained independence and formed the United States. The flag, photos of which are familiar to modern people, then looked somewhat different. The number of stars was equal to thirteen, this was the number of colonies. At the moment everything has changed. The number of bands left the same, this is a kind of tribute to the founders of the state. But the number of stars is changed after joining each new state for several centuries. There is a possibility that soon there will be a new change. A new territory may be added to the United States. The flag, photos and images of which are now everywhere, will be transformed and will receive a new star - experts have already developed a layout of the future cloth.

The meaning of the symbol

Let's see what the US flag means. Its shades are white, blue and red. Everyone has a separate meaning. White color serves as a sign of purity and innocence, blue symbolizes justice and vigilance, and red - valor. In addition, the shades are associated with the Great Seal, adopted in 1782. Interestingly, almost all states of the world use at least one shade that coincides with the color of the US flag.

Laws connected with the cloth

There are several interesting rules in the country that determine the use of the flag. For example, it can not be lowered to express respect. The US flags are never located down the canton - this situation serves as a signal of disaster. In addition, the cloths are never hung out in the streets so that they cling to something or get dirty. The rule also prohibits wearing a shaft horizontally. You can not use the flag as a cape, a sheet or a blanket, sew clothes from it, or draw. Do not wrap foreign objects with a piece of cloth. Finally, it is forbidden to use the image of the flag on disposable trifles. At the same time, everyone can burn the cloth in protest.

Confederation Flag

There is another cloth in the country, often used until now. Interestingly, all official US flags have always been a modern version and differed only in the number of stars. This cloth has never been approved by the state. But nevertheless, it exists not for the first century and it can still be seen on the streets. The so-called combat flag of the confederation looks like a red canvas with a diagonal blue cross, along which the white stars are located . The history of this symbol goes back to the time of the civil war in the sixties of the nineteenth century. The Confederates were residents of the southern states, which were distinguished by their traditional way of life. They were engaged in farming and growing cotton, the possession of slaves was widespread. Northerners, who opposed the Confederates in the Civil War, adhered to the ideas of abolitionism. Despite the fact that the victory was won by the latter and racist laws have long disappeared, some residents of the south still prefer the old conservative views. That is why US flags may be different in separate states - unofficially in Georgia or Texas often use the canvas of the Confederates. Because of the racist implication, it is now continually being banned, while the historical value of the symbol remains unchallenged and it does not disappear anywhere.

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