Which bath is better

Clear answer to the question "Which bath is better?" Can not be given. Everyone chooses the plumbing for his pocket and, focusing on the dimensions of the bathroom, the interior. Any additional manipulations carried out with the bowl of the bath, for example, another layer of enamel coating, non-standard form, decorative moments, cost money and, sometimes, considerable. If you can afford to choose exactly what you liked, not limited to the price, then the question should be rephrased a little: "Which acrylic bathtub is better?"

Undoubtedly, the latest developments exclude many disadvantages of previous versions. That is why quarry baths have become a real find for connoisseurs of excellent quality. Guarantee for such baths is given about 20 years. It is hardly necessary anymore, because progress does not stand still and in 20 years, perhaps already your child, will insist on a more modern and qualitative replacement. That's why "Which bath is better" is a relatively temporary matter.

Kvaril is a mixture of quartz and acrylic. Quartz is quite expensive material, so the bathtub is not cheap either. But this material gives it strength. Each grain of quartz is covered with acrylic and the same material is poured into the space between the resulting capsules. Quartz itself must be completely invisible, and the surface of the bowl is perfectly smooth. What a quarry bath is best for your interior to decide for you, because a variety of molded shapes amaze even the most demanding buyers.

Acrylic bathtubs are also appreciated, and the undoubted advantage of them is the ease of construction. The material itself is very soft and the shape is attached using a vacuum. For the stability and reliability of the bowl, it is covered with several layers of fiberglass with resin. The color solution of this coating can be varied - this does not affect the quality. The only thing that is worth paying attention to to answer which baths is better is the number of layers. The more they are, the less the bowl becomes deformed when heated. The guarantee for plumbing from such material can reach 20 years, but the average time limit is 7-10 years.

Steel and cast iron can also be found in stores, but less often. Cast iron is too heavy, and a weak enamel layer, if damaged, can not be repaired at home, as is the case with acrylic baths. A good coverage of this ancient material is difficult to find. But the guarantee for such baths is very large-more than 30 years. Steel among the submitted materials has more minuses, so it is unlikely you will be offered in the store when asking which baths are better. Such models are very noisy and can be deformed even without heating.

What kind of bathroom is better for you, the question is individual. It is worth focusing only on the taste and preference of all family members. If the dimensions of the room do not allow you to install a shower and a bath, then you should give preference to something alone or purchase a combined version. Materials for the manufacture of such sanitary ware are also varied, and for them the only general conditions are: strength, durability, quality coating or the ideal surface of the bowl and the serviceability of all elements. Most modern people prefer only shower cabins, but still there are those who will not for anything exchange the bliss of the minutes spent in the bath.

Which bathroom is better is a matter of taste and need, so there is no clear advice. Try to use furniture made of materials that can withstand high humidity and temperature changes. And then you truly get the desired rest during the water procedures, not thinking about the safety of the furniture.

And remember - everything has its pluses, but it's worth to choose more on the minuses, because sometimes they can cross out all the positive.

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