How to wind hair on a curling rod correctly and quickly?

Looking at the leading TV shows and famous actresses, many women dream of having the same style of curls as they do. However, there is nothing difficult to make yourself the same hairstyle, without resorting to the help of teams of stylists and hairdressers. For this, it is enough to know how to wind hair on a curling rod. The advice of professional masters will help realize the desire to have a beautiful styling every day.

How to prepare for styling?

First of all, adjust to the fact that you will need a lot of patience to complete the stowage to the end. Depending on the thickness and length of the hair, you will spend a certain amount of time. So turn on the music or some useful audio material and get ready to change.

  • Assemble the tool: curling iron, comb and clamps, with which you will separate the strands during winding. How to wind hair on a curling iron, in addition to our article, you can read in the instructions for this device. Pay attention to the time of safe exposure to hair. Typically, 5-20 seconds is enough for the hair to curl. Choose a ployka with ceramic, teflon or tourmaline coatings. These are modern, more hair-safe materials.
  • Wash your hair and dry it completely. Comb. You can apply a thermal protective compound to protect hair from overheating. Some experts do not advise the use of styling products before winding. However, others recommend for more elastic curls to sprinkle with a lacquer a strand of hair just before winding. Prepare the hairspray, which will cover the already prepared styling.
  • Divide the hair into three parts - two temporal and one occipital. Hold the hair in the area of the temples with clamps.
  • Put on the left (or on the right - depending on what kind of working) hand the glove, since winding the hair on the curling iron is unsafe. Burns happen quite often when winding, so be careful and take your time.
  • Begin winding your hair, separating strands from the back of your head. Since it is possible to fasten hair quickly with a curtain only if certain technologies are observed, do not rush. Remove the entire strand from the curl, and do not untwist it so it does not lose its shape. Leave the curls until they cool down completely - this will ensure that the hair will last all day.
  • Pay attention to how beautiful it is to wind hair with a curling rod. The photo clearly shows that you should take a lock and bring the device to your hair. Plaicek should be held so that its end is looking down. Begin to twist the rod in a lock, creating a spiral. The direction of the curl is crucial - it drastically affects the look of the future styling. Hold the hair on the cooler for a while and remove it. The quality of the curl will depend on the time of exposure and your desire. Styling with tight curls takes more time. If you decide to just give a wavy to your hair, then hold for a few seconds.
  • It is important not only how to wind hair on a curling iron, but also how to put them after. Never comb the comb. It is better to use your fingers.

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