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Knives Thomas. Reviews of Knives Thomas

The brand "Thomas" is one of the leading and well-known in Europe. It was created about one century ago. For all this time there has been a transformation and development of the brand. As a result, at the present time you can purchase various quality knives and appliances for table setting.

Separately, you can distinguish kitchen knives Thomas. The reviews they have are only positive. All who used this product, were delighted with such quality cutlery. Let us consider in more detail this type of product and its subspecies, which the producer offers to us today.

What kind of products can be found on sale?

  • Universal kitchen knife.
  • Knife for cutting bread.
  • Santoku is small.
  • Knife for the cooks.
  • The santoku knife is big.
  • Kitchen scissors.
  • Knife kitchen hatchet.
  • Set for cutting food: fork and knife.

Knives Thomas: reviews

According to consumers, the main advantage of this brand is that the manufacturer offers several types of kitchen cutting items. You can find the one that suits you.

Another plus is that all these items you can not just buy, but win in the stores "Magnet". Knives Thomas reviews deserve incredible from the buyers of this market. People are given the opportunity to get expensive kitchen appliances for free, as well as to buy them at a big discount.

The essence of the action is quite simple and interesting to consumers. This is also a significant plus. The essence of the scheme is that you need to collect stamps that are issued when you buy for a certain amount. When the necessary quantity is accumulated, you can exchange them for the knife you like.

Let's consider in more detail, what are so good knives firm Thomas. Reviews and descriptions of each item will help you learn more about the products.

Universal knife

The length of this cutting device is 115 millimeters. The tip of the knife is slightly raised. This allows him to cope with his task perfectly. Like the rest of Thomas knives, reviews about which are predominantly positive, the universal is made of quality stainless steel.

The cutting object has a wedge-shaped sharpening. Thanks to this, he can easily cope with products such as cheese and sausage, raw vegetables and fruits, fish and poultry. This knife is one of the most purchased.

Bread knife

This device has a length of 195 millimeters. It is made of strong stainless steel. Like the rest of Thomas knives, reviews of which are only good, the bread cutter has an individual grind. On the blade of the product there are a lot of sharp teeth that can easily cut any bread product.

Also this knife can be used for cutting soft varieties of vegetables and fruits. Surely every housewife knows how hard it is to cut a tomato or an orange with a blunt appliance. The bread knife brand "Thomas" with ease will cope with this task.

Santoku small

A small knife santoku Thomas reviews deserved good. This object, like a universal device, is in great demand among buyers. It has a length of 125 millimeters. The undoubted advantage of this device is the feature of its sharpening. It has the finest sharp edge.

Such a knife can easily cut thin slices of vegetables, fruits, cheese or sausages. Also, he quickly and easily cut the necessary products. This small but very sharp device will easily cut fish or poultry meat with small bones. Quite often a small knife santoku can be seen in the hands of women cooks.

Chef's knife

This item is not in vain has such a name. Such a knife is a favorite of professional chefs. The device has a length of 185 millimeters. He can easily cope with cutting vegetables and fruits, cheese and sausages, meat products and fish.

In each house there should be similar knives Thomas. The reviews that are earned by the chef's knife are positive. The hostess argues that he does not require additional movements. Due to its special sharpening, it can cut the product by just pressing.

Very large products, such as cabbage, watermelon, melon or pineapple, are inconvenient to cut with a small knife. This is where the cook device comes in handy.

Big knife santoku

This cutting object has a length of 170 millimeters. It is made, like the other knives of this manufacturer, from high-quality steel. However, one feature is the big knife by Thomas Santos.

Customer testimonials indicate that this device can not cut solid objects. Products such as bones, frozen meat, pumpkin or roots can damage the blade and disable the appliance.

Santoku will cope with slicing soft vegetables and fruits, greens, hard cheese and curd products.


This device is not designed for cutting solid bones. However, such scissors with ease will help to cut a chicken, duck or other medium-sized bird. Also they will become an indispensable assistant in cutting packages with products and liquids.

Scissors can also be cut into greens or salad. The device has rubberized rings on the handle. Due to this, the scissors are conveniently placed on the fingers, do not rub or glide in wet hands.

Kitchen hatchet

This device has a length of 170 millimeters. He will easily cope with the cutting of meat and small bones. Also, such a knife will help you cut frozen foods: vegetables, fish or meat products.

The handle of the hatchet is wide. This allows you to maximally secure it with your palm.

Set for cutting

Despite the fact that absolutely all the knives of Thomas reviews deserve only positive, this device is not very popular. He is cautiously acquired by buyers, not knowing what to use these items for.

It is worth saying that once you try this kit in the kitchen, you no longer want to part with it. A convenient large fork will help you to keep even very hot foods. And the attached knife with ease will cut even the most solid dishes.

The set is perfect for baked meat or chicken, pizza or pie.

Optional Accessories

Customers of the "Thomas" products were very pleased with the fact that, in addition to cutting tools, they can purchase a special stand. It is made of a solid wood that does not dry out even when water gets into it.

In the stand you can insert all the purchased knives of this company, as well as scissors for which a separate compartment is provided. Also in each compartment for cutting tools there is a so-called sharpening construction. The more often you use a knife: get it and put it back into the stand, the sharper it will be.


As you can already see, the knives of the trade mark "Thomas" have only positive feedback. Trying once to use such a cutting object, you no longer want to return to your old kitchen appliances.

When working with this product, you need to know how and for what to use this or that knife. If you follow all the recommendations, this product will last you for many years. If the instrument is dulled, you can easily carry it out yourself with ease.

All knives of this brand are made exclusively of stainless steel. They also have a steel handle, which is more hygienic than wooden or plastic handles. All knives of this manufacturer can be washed in a dishwasher.

Enjoy your cooking with the knives "Thomas"!

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