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Vladimir Orlov: biography and literary activity

Vladimir Victorovich Orlov was born in 1936. His father worked as a journalist. I studied in 1954 at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University.

Youth years

The future writer was fond of cinema, believing that it will be able to replace the rest of the art. However, after the third year, Vladimir Orlov stopped developing scenarios and sports. The reason for this was the health of the parents, which was shaken. After that he was recruited to the newspaper Sovetskaya Rossiya by a reporter, where he took place on the fourth page. As a student in 1957, Vladimir Orlov went to Siberia. The first place of residence was Altai virgin land, and later - Yenisei. His diploma project described the activity of the builders of the road Abakan-Taishet. Having successfully defended his work and graduated from the university in 1959, Vladimir Orlov received an invitation from the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The first works

For 10 years, the writer worked in various departments of the editorial office. The activity of Vladimir Orlov was active and involved many trips. After working for a while, the writer realized that he can not express his work with essays, reports and correspondence, that's why he decided to write long works.

It was necessary to compose at night and early in the morning, before work, because of this, there were delays in the editorial office. The first work, the novel "The Salted Watermelon", was published in 1963 in the magazine "Youth". Art lovers appreciated it. In addition, based on his novel was screened and staged performances in theaters. In 1965, the author was admitted to the Union of Writers of the USSR. In 1968, a second novel entitled "After the rain on Thursday" was published. Combining work in the editorial office and writing novels was very difficult for Vladimir Orlov, and he decided in 1969 to leave the Komsomolskaya Pravda. However, unimportant times have come in the writer's life. For almost 7 years of his work, no one published. As Vladimir Orlov thought, he was considered hopeless. Romantic optimism by then was exhausted. The socialist mirage, which prevailed in society, came first. The benefit from it was extracted by cynical and dishonest people who satisfied their needs.

Ideal for a writer

Vladimir Orlov is a writer who was born under the sign of the Virgin and always considered himself a sensible person. The reality of that time was perceived as an inescapable reality, which I could not change. In all sorts of quarrels and scandals never got involved, he did not like to fight either. Johann Bach considered ideal man to be himself. For the composer, the first priority was to ensure the welfare of his beloved family, find a good job, and in his spare time drink good beer. And in his work he aspired to sublimity. Being in Germany, the writer visited many of Johann Bach's habitats. After a while, Vladimir Orlov realized that the prototype of the hero, Altist Danilov, was the German composer.

Awareness of the value of patience

Throughout the 1970s, Orlov realized that in the work of any writer, patience should be the first place, as well as the ability to preserve the identity of the individual. And most importantly - to do your favorite thing, writing novels, because the poems of Vladimir Orlov readers have not seen. In 1972, the writer finished work on the novel "The Occurrence in Nikolsky". It was published in the oldest journal "New World". For two years, Vladimir Orlov had to live with his only hopes, which destroyed censorship. I had to earn myself bread with reviews and translation from the Lezgin language (for children's literature). In 1976, fairly censored, a unique novel was published by the Soviet Writer. The creation of Vladimir Orlov was a household drama. Some of the writer's nature turned into a fantastic story about the Ostankino brownie. It was published 16 years later.

Cycle "Ostankino stories"

Orlov was fond of science fiction, the production of The Blue Bird at the Moscow Art Theater and the Nutcracker of Grigorovich made a great impression. Vladimir Orlov poems for children did not write. Orlov's favorite writers were Bulgakov, Swift, Rabelais, Gogol, which led to the presence in his works of the genre of magical realism. The novel "Altist Danilov" for 3 years passed all instances until in 1980 it was published. From the public there was a wide interest in him - both in his native country, and abroad. Thus, for Vladimir Orlov, this success was akin to the sensations of a man who heard the sound of "copper pipes". The next novel "Aptekar", which also did not immediately come out, but only 2 years later (in 1988), did not arouse much interest among the people, because it was not written for the day's anger.

For several years, Vladimir Orlov was writing essays. However, I realized that my own nature can not without writing works. Then he began work on the novel "Shevrikuka, or Love for a ghost." The work was printed in parts, as it was written, by the magazine "Youth". The last episode of the novel was finished by Vladimir Orlov in 1997, thus, the last part of the "Ostankino stories" was completed. The reason for writing "Shevrikuki ..." was the writer's own conscience. Vladimir Orlov in the late 80's worked at the Literary Institute and held seminars. From his students, he demanded the writing of new works, so it was necessary to create. Working with students helped the writer feel useful.

Works of recent years

In 2008, the novel "Kamergersky Lane" was published. The plot describes the life of people living in an alley. There are household, semi-detective and amorous episodes. In 2011, the novel "Frogs" is published. The plot describes the life of a writer who is in a creative crisis, but the case with frogs radically changes his fate. The last novel was released in 2013 and is called "Earth has the form of a suitcase." Reading it, we discover a new world with many mysteries. It is possible without exaggeration to put an equal sign between the title of genius and the name of Vladimir Orlov, whose biography is also very interesting and rich.

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