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To create a multi-faceted composition, you must use specially designed tools. The floral sponge will help create unique compositions that harmoniously combine seasonal flowers, fruits, geranium leaves, exclusive varieties of roses, and many other decor items.

What is the purpose of products for floristry

To make the composition look the most beautiful and harmonious, it is necessary to take care of the correct attachment of plants. Products for floristry are presented in a wide range. Professional and novice florists use for their work a variety of technical devices, thanks to which it is possible to firmly fix the plant in the vessel, so that the auxiliary materials are not visible.

Most often for work, floristic foam is used, which is a porous artificial material. It can be of several types and colors. The foam can be cut to the optimum size and shape.

To make the flower arrangement happy for its owner for a long time, when forming it, you need to apply an arranged grid, which during fastening can preserve the natural inclination of the plant. Floral devices include kensar, sand, corrugated paper, as well as other materials and tools.

What is this item?

A floral sponge is also called a floristic foam. It implies a porous artificial material. It helps to secure the most reliable plants in a variety of compositions. The main and main advantage of the presented material is the retention of plants at the optimum angle. It can be used for small, medium or large vessels. You can buy this device in specialized florist shops.

There are several varieties of floral foam. A sponge of green color perfectly absorbs water, so florists apply it for arrangement with living plants. You can also note a gray or brown sponge, which can be used only for compositions with artificial or dry flowers and other plants.

The main varieties of floral sponge

A floral sponge is the basis for any composition. It is represented in several varieties:

  • Universal or classical. In most cases, it is sold in free form, which resembles an ordinary brick. It can be used to create a voluminous composition. From the universal sponge easily and quickly cut out the necessary figures and attached the necessary shape.
  • Shaped sponge. The stores are already sold ready-made, size, thickness. Quite often it can be sold already in the form of a ready set of the necessary size.

Universal and shaped foam is produced by manufacturers in a variety of colors. Here you can find both natural shades, and bright, juicy tones.

What can replace the floral sponge during composition

Many girls are fond of creativity and are looking for ways to replace the floral sponge at home. It is known that it must absorb water and be strong to withstand the pressure and weight of flowers and plants. To create a bouquet of dried flowers, branches, as well as leaves, you can use ordinary foam. It is cut to the desired size or shape by the florist without much effort. In order for the leaves and branches to be firmly fixed in the structure, you can use glue.

Experts argue that for such purposes, sometimes apply a mounting foam. In a vessel or a box, the mounting foam should be evenly distributed and allow it time to dry. After that, it is cut and the collection of the future composition begins. It's different with living colors. The natural sponge, which is sold in a floristic store, has a unique composition and is able to absorb water, so at home it can be replaced with foam and mounting foam. But there is no guarantee that the living flowers and plants will long please with its beauty and freshness. After such advice, no more questions should arise about how to make a floral sponge at home or what to replace it with.

How to use the floristic sponge correctly

As is known, a floristic sponge is a sufficiently versatile porous material. Most often a green sponge is used for the composition of plants. It has a unique ability to absorb moisture in any quantity. Therefore, florists should always remember that it will become several times heavier in wet form.

During the care of such material, it must not be allowed to dry completely. When the sponge completely dries and loses its moisture, the flowers will lose their original appearance and wither. It is best to wrap the sponge with polyethylene or foil. This is the only way to avoid rapid evaporation of moisture. To constantly maintain the sponge in the wet state, it is necessary to bend the rim of the wrapper, which was used for winding, and then inject the water with a syringe.

How to make a composition with the help of a floral sponge OASIS

On the question of where to buy a floral sponge, you can not always quickly answer. Although in fact everything is easier than it seems at first glance. The floristic store has everything you need to create a flower arrangement, that's where the OASIS sponge is sold. Before you start creating a composition, you must prepare all the materials. If work is to be done with artificial flowers, a gray or brown sponge will be required. It is worth noting that a green sponge is used only for a living plant. For the beginning it is necessary to choose the optimum vessel, where the finished composition will stand. The sponge is quickly cut to the desired shape or size.

The material should lie firmly in the vessel, after which it is possible to create tattoos. They are needles that are collected in several rows. They are fastened with a sticky mass.

When everything is ready, you can install flowers, branches, leaves and other materials. Further, the vessel is masked, so that all fastenings and other auxiliary materials are not visible. Buying goods for floristry, it is worth paying special attention to the manufacturer, since the quality of the created composition depends on it.

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