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Engraving on knives - an original gift to a loved one

The metal knife from ancient times is the emblem of war and is considered a cold steel. This tool helped the owner in the battle with the enemy and served him as a faithful companion. Now he also rescues his master on a hunt, in a hike and fishing, and the hostess in the kitchen. Presenting a knife as a gift to a man, you will emphasize his strength and masculinity. Engraving on knives gives the gift of individuality and nobility.

Gift with meaning

Many people from ancient times believed that the knife should be spiritualized, then it will serve the owner faithfully and faithfully. To do this, the product depicted family coats of arms, donative inscriptions, winged phrases, symbols of great importance to the owner. To date, engraving on knives has gained popularity and is widely used for decorating weapons from steel, giving it elegance and uniqueness. The pictured logos on products presented as a gift from the firm to their employees or partners are very much in demand.

Mechanical engraving

Engravings for steel products are applied by professional craftsmen with the help of a laser or manually. Any symbol, monogram, drawing or quotation can be represented both on the heel and on the knife blade. Mechanical diamond engraving has clear contours, it is accurately put and not erased. Templates and sketches the customer can provide or choose, following his desires and taste. Mechanical engraving on the knives, the photo of which is given in this article, is made using computer technology. This method allows you to put on the steel product images of any complexity and ornate shape.

Manual pattern etching

For those who are interested in learning how to make engraving on a knife at home, a description of the manual method is given below.

Before applying the pattern on the blade, it should be degreased with alcohol or acetone. The drawing that you drew or printed on a laser printer, you need to paste an image on the sticky part of the tape. After the workpiece is printed, the paper should be thoroughly washed off and wait for the adhesive tape to dry. Then, at the location chosen for future engraving on the knife, we glue tightly with scotch, avoiding bubbles and sticking. Cut the contour of the pattern followed by a strongly heated awl. The procedure is like burning wood. After that, remove the adhesive and scotch residue.

To etch the pattern on the knife you will need to make a special design. We need a battery for the phone. It is necessary to cut off the plug that is inserted into the phone. Then divide the wiring and remove the insulation. The wire "minus" should be placed on the knife blade, and the "plus" wire wrapped in cotton wool soaked in a mixture of salt and water. After wet with a cotton swab several times the surface with the leftover scotch. After cleaning, proceed to etching the picture. Before this, we change the postings in some places. Plus apply to the blade of the knife, to the minus we fix the cotton swab soaked in the same salt solution and have it so that it covers the entire image, and fix it with adhesive tape. Turn on the charger and etch the picture for about 25 minutes. If the result is not entirely satisfactory, you can replace the cotton wool and repeat the procedure, reducing the waiting time. In this way, engraving on knives can be done by hand.

Another way to etch images

The method by which a cotton swab is used is often used for small characters, if the inscription is located along the entire length of the blade, or the image needs to be etched more deeply, a bath design is used. The capacity should not be metallic, this will reduce the risk of electric shock. You can use a polyethylene 2-liter bottle from any drink, cutting off part of the container from above. An important part is the current source. They can be a charger for a phone or car battery.

For grass we use table salt. For the solution, stir in the hot water 5 large spoons of salt. As cathodes are taken strips of thin steel, which are located in the bathroom on both sides of the engraved product. If the image is on one side, then it is sufficient to place one electrode, which should be larger than the etched area. Plates need to be firmly attached to current conductors, otherwise the cathode will turn off and the pattern will be poorly etched. The conductor-anode should be attached to the knife and placed in an electrolyte container between the plates. Then turn on the power and wait 25-30 minutes. Due to the large volume of the figure, the current must be increased. The time of the procedure depends on the desired depth of the image. The procedure requires attention and patience.

Engraving on knives is an excellent decoration for any collection of connoisseurs of blades. Each man will be happy to have a weapon that has its own character and morale.

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