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Bamboo napkin - a healthy alternative to detergents

Most washing families use detergents that are advertised everywhere and everywhere. Manufacturers ensure that household chemicals can quickly and effectively clean kitchen utensils from greasy soiling. However, advertising hides the reverse side of the coin. The danger of detergents is that the surface-active substances (surfactants) in their composition leave harmful chemical compounds on the surface of the dishes, which can be washed off only with a large amount of water. The most aggressive of these are anionic surfactants, which cause irreparable harm to human health.

A modern alternative to harmful detergents and foam sponges is a bamboo napkin, which appeared on the market about 5 years ago. This little assistant helps not only to save the family budget, but also to maintain health. As a consequence, it is becoming more popular and has already won the hearts of many housewives. Nevertheless, advertising is not always true, because bamboo napkins reviews can be ordered. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the real state of affairs.

What is a wonder-cloth

In appearance, a napkin made of bamboo resembles a terry towel. It is silky and soft to the touch, like cashmere. The basis is a natural non-woven material having a porous-tubular structure.

The color, size, shape and price of different manufacturers may vary. On sale it is possible to meet both cheap Chinese products, and qualitative domestic or European analogues.

Of course, the opinion that a bamboo napkin is made from real bamboo is erroneous. In fact, wood is processed into cellulose, from which fiber is subsequently produced. In order to give the material softness, it is treated with sodium hydroxide. Sometimes cotton can be partially present in the napkins.

Where to use

Basically, bamboo napkins are used to wash dishes, but this is not the only area of their use. This kitchen accessory is used for washing mirrors and windows. Also with its help wipe the dust, remove dirt from the kitchen furniture, clean the plates, refrigerator and other household appliances.
Nevertheless, this thing is not all-powerful. She can not polish surfaces, absorb a bucket of water, disinfect wounds or replace a cosmetic.

A relatively new trend is the bamboo napkins on the table, the practicality of which has already been appreciated by many mistresses. Such products are suitable for everyday use and are able to completely replace the tablecloth. In addition, they serve as a stand for hot dishes, and in case of spilling liquids are easily washed.

Pros of using

Bamboo dishwashing napkins have a number of advantages. Let's find out what.

• Due to the unusual porous-tubular structure, it is easy to cope with fresh grease and other contaminants. And the fat after washing does not remain on the napkin, but rinsed with water.

• You can use wipes without the use of detergents, which makes it possible to preserve health and ecology.

• The consumption of water by washing dishes with such rags is considerably saved. Accordingly, money is saved.

• Do not absorb dirt and easily wash in warm water.

• Do not scratch the surface or leave any villi on it.

• Made of environmentally friendly material.

• They have antiseptic properties, so they can not be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, because they simply do not survive in such an environment.

• Have a long enough (about a year) period of operation.

• Affordable price.


The disadvantage of napkins made of bamboo is that they can not cope with old fats and dried up dirt.

In addition, compared with traditional foam rubber sponges and rags, they are not so convenient to use.

The absence of abrasive properties is also a drawback.

Terms of Use

To ensure that the napkin from the bamboo has served as long as possible, it is necessary to handle it correctly. Therefore, immediately after use, it is recommended to rinse it in warm water, and in case of severe contamination - wash with soap. After the napkin is necessary to squeeze and hang to dry. It is important to take into account that the hot battery is contra-indicated for drying, the open space is best suited.

When washing in the washing machine set a low temperature (up to 40 degrees) and gentle mode. As a rule, products made of bamboo are not advised to iron, so if necessary the maximum permissible mode of ironing is "silk".

Bamboo napkin: truth and myths

After reading the description of the goods on the package, we can conclude that due to its extraordinary properties, a bamboo napkin is capable of creating almost miracles. In fact, the information is only partly true.

Myth 1: Withstands up to 500 washings

In fact, the number of possible washings is not more than 50, then the napkin is wiped off to holes. But still, at the recommended frequency of washings once a week, it can last at least a year.

Myth 2: Does not absorb odors

In fact, like all other materials, napkins from bamboo fiber absorb unpleasant odors, but this does not happen as quickly as the analogs of foam rubber and microfiber.

Myth 3: Leaves a dry surface without streaks

These properties are directly related to the manufacturer. So, cheap napkins of Chinese production have a lot of negative reviews, but the products are more expensive in reality have a good quality, so they justify the expectations of users.

Myth 4: Does not lose color and does not change the size

As practice shows, after the first wash, the miracle-cloth decreases in size by 15 percent, and after a while (especially with active washing) it essentially fades.


Some skeptical hostesses, who at first wondered how a regular cloth could wash dishes without detergents, tried the product in practice, came to real delight and recommended it to their friends.

According to numerous reviews, bamboo napkins perfectly cope with fat, washing dishes almost to the squeak. The effect is excellent even when washing fatty frying pans. And with a weekly wash, the napkin can last at least a year without losing its properties. In addition, many consumers effectively use bamboo rags to remove traces from windows and mirrors, after which they no longer want to return to microfiber cloths.

The popularity of bamboo products is growing every day. A huge demand today is not only bamboo napkins for washing dishes, but also towels, bathrobes, underwear and bedding. And it is not surprising, because they are comfortable, practical, durable and are sold at an affordable price. In addition, bamboo has long been considered an amulet. So why should not each of you become the owner of such a thing?

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