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How to choose a watch

The clock is not just a mechanism that rhythmically counts down minutes by minute, but a symbol of taste and prestige that characterizes belonging to a particular society. Therefore, it is necessary to choose this accessory with sense, feeling and certain knowledge. After reading this article, you will learn how to choose a clock, so as not just to emphasize your image and status, but also to acquire a reliable assistant for many years.

Before you decide on a specific choice, you should clearly determine the purpose of purchasing a watch. After buying the wrong model, you can easily "fall face down in the mud."

Choosing a wristwatch by type

The watch is a complex mechanism, consisting of small parts. Depending on the power source, they can be divided into the following types: quartz and mechanical.

The source of power quartz clock is a regular battery. The quartz crystal performs the work of the pendulum in them, supplying periodic pulses to the electric motor, thereby driving the mechanism. Quartz watches are known as high-precision mechanism.

A mechanical work on the basis of a pendulum, which is untwisted due to a swirling spring and provokes the movement of arrows on the dial. To their main disadvantages can be attributed to the uneven unwinding of the spring (because of what they sometimes are late or rushing), as well as fear of moisture and dust. However, despite these minor shortcomings, it is the mechanical watch that is in greatest demand worldwide.

What hours are better to buy: quartz or mechanical - it is necessary to solve individually according to own needs, desires, and also financial possibilities. After all, their cost varies from 10 dollars and above.

Talking about how to choose a clock, it is impossible not to mention their subdivision into such classes:

  • Cheap. This includes electronic and quartz watches, the cost of which does not exceed $ 50.
  • Average. In this category are quartz and mechanical watches, the cost of which is between 100-2000 dollars.
  • Dear. The cost of expensive watches starts from the sum of 2000 dollars. As a rule, the most expensive are considered mechanical.

How to choose a watch: the purpose of the purchase

Buying a watch for everyday wear, it is worth to choose the classic type: stylish and concise. But if they are needed to go out into the light, for this purpose, design or jewelry is more suitable. This choice will emphasize the business style of their owner and status.

Choosing the same watch for women, you need to be extremely attentive, especially if they are presented as a presentation. After ladies watch - this is not just a mechanism for timing, but an accessory that should complement the image and be combined with the woman's wardrobe. For example, watch with precious stones will be appropriate for evening outings. But still, choosing a watch for a woman, it is better to take it with you or to learn the specific parameters of the desired model.

For lovers of active life, a high-tech sports watch can not be better. Of course, their design is not as exquisite as, for example, the Swiss, however, without such a modern device today, no one loves travel or sports. Even for diving there are special waterproof watches.

And finally, it remains to tell how to choose a watch for small fidgets. It is quite simple to do this, however, you need to approach the purchase with a special ingenuity and desire to please. Children's watch models must be made of quality ecological materials that will not bring any harm to the growing organism, and their design should be thought out, interesting, bright and stylish. Here, in principle, and all the requirements.

Having decided for the purpose of purchase, it is worth familiarizing with the main characteristics of the watch, which should be given priority, so that the final version was not just high-quality, but also reliable. And this:

  • Mechanism.
  • Housing.
  • Coating.
  • A bracelet.
  • Glass.
  • The form.
  • Additional functions designed to simplify the life of the owner. For example, alarm clock, waterproof, backlight, calendar, tachometer.

Good luck with your choice!

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