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It so happened that with the onset of summer begins the summer season. Fresh and clean air, peace and quiet, regularity and ease - all this helps to distract on the countryside from urban everyday life and fuss. Someone goes to the country house to ennoble his garden, plant vegetables, harvest, and some prefer to rest there exclusively. Most often country rest is preferred by families with children. While parents are engaged in their own affairs, children can play next to the house on the site. Many adults who have children try to create an interesting playground for the child at the dacha, which includes a sandbox, a swimming pool, a swing, etc.

Summer swings - one of the most favorite entertainment for children. They are capable to interest the child, to cheer up and make a holiday rest pleasant and unforgettable. Also, the country swings will be to the liking of adults who want to relax after the garden works. Currently, you can find options for villas for every taste, ranging from color to shape and size. This garden furniture can be with a canopy and without it. As the materials for the frame is usually used wood or metal. Summer swings can be of various shapes, and the most popular among them are swing-sofas. They are designed for two or three people and have a soft upholstery, as well as a sunshade.

There are children's swings. They are often single, small and have a bright design. There are also completely wooden swings made of logs. As a rule, they are offered without a tent, and they can be installed in a covered arbor. For the most discerning connoisseurs of holiday homes on sale there are forged swings. Artistic forging products look very nicely on the site in combination with other forged structures, for example a fence.

The choice of country swings should be based on the following criteria: design reliability, comfort, size, design. For those who prefer to make dacha furniture on their own, there is an option to make dacha swings with their own hands. This has its undeniable advantages. First, who, if not the future user of the swing itself, will pay great attention to the safety and reliability of his creation. Secondly, it is possible to make furniture according to its original sketch.

Factory swings for cottages usually have a metal frame. For those who are going to make garden swings with their own hands, the manufacture of iron construction becomes difficult. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to use a tree. A swing with a wooden support can withstand a weight of 120-150 kg. For manufacturing, you will need wooden beams, metal corners for fixing, screws, a screwdriver and skillful hands. First you need to decide on the design and size of the swing. Then you need to make a support. After that, you can start creating a seat. It can be made both from a wide sheet of plywood, and from wooden bars. To fix a bench on a support it is possible by means of a metal cable or a metal chain. As a convenience, you can put a soft mattress on the seat. Decorate the swing can be various bright pillows, which will add not only inimitable beauty, but also convenience.

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