The muffler resonator is an important element in the exhaust system

Every driver knows that an automobile silencer is a necessary and important detail of any kind of motor transport. In the process of engine operation, fuel combustion and gas removal take place. To do this, the cars use a special pipe system, which goes from the engine to the end of the body. One of the significant elements of this design is the silencer resonator.

Elements that make up the car silencer

The design is presented in the form of the following components:

  • Exhaust manifold ,
  • Reception tube,
  • Catalyst for afterburning of combustion products,
  • Resonator of the silencer,
  • muffler.

When there is an unpleasant "growl" the car owner should check for serviceability every component of the system. It should also be noted that with a large burnout of the muffler, the exhaust sound also increases.

Thus, the muffler is responsible for reducing the sound of the exhaust, and it also prevents the formation of a large resistance in relation to the exhaust gas outlet . Otherwise, the cylinders will begin to fill, which in the end will lead to loss of power and incomplete combustion.

Types of muffler

  1. Silencer of resonator type. This device uses closed spaces located near the pipe and connected to it due to existing holes. Usually in one such case two different volumes are concentrated. These spaces are also divided among themselves. Thus, each such hole is the resonator of the silencer, which helps to excite the oscillation of its frequency. This frequency is quickly repaid when it is distributed. That is why such a silencer device is used as a preliminary element, occupying the first position in the entire exhaust system. In addition, the resonator of the silencer does not exert a great resistance to the formed flow, as a result of which the cross section does not decrease.
  2. Reflectors. The silencer housing accommodates acoustic mirrors reflecting sound waves. If you create a certain labyrinth with the help of these mirrors, then a weak sound will be heard on the output.
  3. The pistol silencer is similarly constructed. However, this design of the muffler is considered more perfect. Usually this element is used as a terminal element.
  4. Absorber. This device absorbs acoustic vibrations with the help of any porous material. For example, if you direct the sound to the mineral wool, then its fibers will oscillate. In the process of friction, sound vibrations will be transformed into heat. This principle of operation makes it possible, without reducing the cross-section of the pipeline, to carry out the entire design of the exhaust system. And in spite of the fact that the resonator of the silencer is not used here, resistance to flow and noise reduction will be minimal. It is for this reason that in factory automotive silencers the most common are combined systems, thanks to which there is a significant reduction in noise with minimal flow resistance.

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