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Prepare the original salad "Birch with Prunes"

Many like prunes - this is a very tasty and healthy product. Its piquant fruit taste harmoniously harmonizes with many types of products. Therefore, it is widely used as an additive to salads, especially festive. We bring to your attention unusual salads with prunes.

Elegant salad "Birch" with prunes

Peligilogram of the pulp of pork or chicken boil together with salt, black pepper (peas) and bay leaf. After the meat has cooled, it should be cut into a neat thin straw.

A polylogram of mushrooms (mushrooms or oyster mushrooms) is cut into strips and fried in a very small amount of oil, so that it is not too greasy. Mushrooms slightly salt.

Pair medium-sized bulbs cut into half rings. In a separate bowl, pour the onion vinegar (one glass will be needed). After a while, drain the vinegar and rinse it with cold water.

Boiled boiled 5 eggs grate on a grater of a large size.

One or two fresh cucumbers (all depends on their size) should be cut into thin halves of circles.

Prepare prunes. According to the recipe Beryozka salad with prunes should be done as follows: rinse it (you will need several pieces) and cut with neat strips, which you will use to decorate the salad.

Prepare mayonnaise and a beautiful dish.

Proceed to assembly. "Birch" salad with prunes refers to layered salads, so accuracy is important here. Do not forget to cover each individual layer with mayonnaise:

  • Put a little mayonnaise on the bottom of the dish and put a layer of mushrooms;
  • The next layer - meat straws;
  • pickled onion;
  • Mash the eggs;
  • A layer of cucumbers, but not much - cucumbers start up the juice and can spoil the dish.

Covering the last layer with mayonnaise, wipe the edge of the dish with a paper napkin and spread the strips of prunes, imitating the bark of the birch.

Order the layers you can vary to your liking. You can not lay onions, and after the meat make a layer of cucumbers. Eggs can be placed last.

Garnet bracelet salad with prunes

In the preparation of a very light and extraordinarily juicy taste - this salad will decorate any of your holiday.

Boil half the chicken in salted water (about half a kilogram). Simultaneously put a carrot, half a bulb and a bay leaf in a pot. Cool the meat without taking it out of the pan.

Simultaneously boil separately for half a kilogram of potatoes (in a uniform), carrots and beets. When it cools down, peel off and grate on a fine grater.

Fry the finely chopped onions (1 piece).

Cut chicken meat and fry in vegetable oil.

Connect onion and chicken. Mix everything.

Now the design of the dish :

  • Spoon, take the grated potatoes, take it and lay it on a beautiful dish in the form of a bead. Make the same beads around the perimeter of the dish. Salad should resemble a bracelet in shape. Lubricate each bead with mayonnaise;
  • A layer of carrots and mayonnaise;
  • Layer of chicken with onion, greased with mayonnaise;
  • Boiled beets with mayonnaise;
  • Decorate the beads with pomegranate seeds.

This salad can be made in the form of a ring - for this, put a glass in the center, which will be removed after finishing the design.

Salad "Tenderness" with prunes

Another version of puff lettuce. The sequence of layers, which should not be tightly packed, so that the salad turned out to be magnificent:

  • Boiled chicken meat (150 g), disassembled on filaments, plus mayonnaise;
  • Sliced prunes (200 g);
  • Finely chopped walnut kernels (60 g) and mayonnaise;
  • Grated eggs (6 pieces) and slices of fresh cucumbers (a couple of pieces), grease with mayonnaise;
  • You can decorate the salad with walnut kernels, greens and pomegranate seeds.

"Tenderness", "Pomegranate bracelet" and "Beryozka" salad with prunes decorate your festive table and will become traditional and favorite dishes in your family.

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