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The best face cream for sensitive skin: a review, types, manufacturers and reviews

In order for dry skin to become healthy and beautiful, she needs a special face cream. For sensitive skin of the face, the means that provide moisturizing, protection from peeling, irritation. We will give a brief overview of the cosmetic products intended for this type of skin. Let's note their specific features, price range.

Sensitive skin characteristics

This term appeared not so long ago. At the end of the last century, cosmetologists identified three main types of skin: fatty, normal, dry. In connection with the deterioration of the ecological situation, additional types appeared, such as sensitive ones. The problem of lack of moisture in it with maximum sebaceous discharge, has become a real calamity for cosmetologists. Nowadays, pimples appear even in girls with normal skin type. They also have to look for a suitable face cream. For sensitive skin, in addition to cosmetics, special salon procedures will be required.

As a woman grows up, she often changes one skin type to another. And both fatty and dry can become sensitive. Only in a small part of women, the dermis retains its softness and tenderness throughout life, and the rest after a certain age threshold normal skin turns into a sensitive one.

Signs of sensitive skin

There are various factors indicative of the presence of problematic skin:

  • Fineness;
  • pallor;
  • Minimum amount of sebum;
  • Stretchedness after washing;
  • Persistent serious irritation;
  • Systematic appearance of pigmented spots of unknown origin;
  • Reaction to the use of natural and decorative cosmetics;
  • peeling;
  • Constant burning sensation

Finding at least one of the items, do not even doubt that you have sensitive skin.

Daytime cream "Belita-Viteks" Dead Sea for dry and sensitive skin

The unique mineral composition of the Dead Sea water is familiar to many women. Magnesium helps to smooth small wrinkles, potassium regulates the level of moisture in the skin, bromine calms it. The developers took into account all the advantages of the unique water of the Dead Sea. In the Dead Sea line, there is more than one face cream. For sensitive skin, 10 different agents are suggested.

Composition and description

The manufacturer says that a day face cream for sensitive skin is an excellent way to prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles. With constant use, you can get rid of deep wrinkles, make the skin supple.

"Belita-Viteks" is a moisturizing cream for sensitive skin of the face. Comments of women who have experienced it on themselves, confirm this. As the main advantages of the product, effectiveness, rapid absorption, and acceptable cost are noted. Despite the small volume (45 ml), the cream lasts for a long period of time. The disadvantages of the remedy are not revealed. Day cream for the face for sensitive skin is suitable for women of any age, helps to maintain beauty and youth, get rid of dryness and peeling. This Belarusian product contains natural ingredients: macadamia seed oil, wheat germ, beeswax. There is also the original Magnolidone component, which effectively removes wrinkles.

Women's comments about the tool

What impression does the Belarusian day cream have on the sensitive skin? Reviews will begin with an analysis of the smell. A discreet, pleasant, tender fragrance resembling the sea is noted by the fair sex representatives who experienced Belarusian skin care products. Complete absorption is 15 minutes, after application there is no greasy shine. After 20 minutes, you can apply a daytime make-up on your face. After applying the skin care agent around the eyes, "Vitex" perfectly holds any decorative cosmetics. In the cold time, the face cream for sensitive skin "Viteks" protects the cheeks from peeling and dryness. All the funds of this line perfectly cope with the task assigned to them. Reviews of girls and women who have repeatedly used Belarusian remedies for sensitive skin, are unanimous in this.

Nivea cream for dry and sensitive skin

Day cream "Nivea" for the face for sensitive skin is ideal for the ratio of efficiency and cost. It is saturated with extracts of marigold and lotus. The product formula functions in two directions: exfoliates dead cells and perfectly nourishes the skin.

Reviews of women about the cream "Nivea"

According to the women who chose this cosmetics, among the benefits of Nivea day cream is the texture, speed of application, absorption, compatibility with foundation creams. Many owners of problem skin are convinced that this is the best cream for sensitive skin. Reviews about this tool are mostly positive.

The downside is that the cream often rolls down, tightens the skin, not in all cases it effectively moisturizes. After it is problematic to make high-quality make-up, cosmetics slides. Comments of women who have tried different cosmetics are different. But they are all convinced that Nivea cosmetics is a good option for caring for problem skin . Those representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, that they tried a lot of different creams, are unanimous in their opinion. The best cream is Nivea, it is like a "ray of light in a dark kingdom".

Cream "Natura Siberica" for sensitive skin "Protection and moisturizing"

When choosing a face cream for sensitive skin, stop the selection on this brand. It presents the means of different price range, developed for the skin with various problems. Moisturizing creams offered by this manufacturer contain the following components:

  • Allantoin as a soothing and moisturizing agent;
  • Bisabolol (softening and anti-inflammatory effect);
  • Lactic acid as a natural moisturizer;
  • Panthenol (regeneration of damaged skin).

Bought moisturizing cream for sensitive facial skin (reviews of women are unanimous) makes the skin soft and smooth, and for a minimum period of time. In the composition of the cream "Natura Siberika" there is an extract of a lungwort, nettle, nettle, and mallow. These components soothe the skin, tone it, restore the natural color, increase elasticity.

Reviews about the cream "Natura Siberica"

Cream from this manufacturer is ideal for owners of dry and sensitive skin. Many women believe that this is the best cream for sensitive skin. Reviews about it are only positive. After 2-3 weeks of use, women notice an increase in elasticity, elasticity, elimination of fatty gloss. With the joint application of cream, tonic, cosmetic milk of this line, the effect will please even the most capricious beauties.

As part of all the products offered in the modern cosmetic market, there are chemicals that help fight redness of the skin, its dryness.

Depilatory Facial Cream Byly Gold

Many girls are interested: what kind of cream to depilate the face for sensitive skin? Owners of this type of derma need to carefully choose a remedy to remove unwanted hair. After all, it can cause an allergic reaction and other undesirable consequences. Reviews recommend a cream for facial depilation for sensitive skin Byly Gold. It not only perfectly removes hairs, but also moisturizes. The cream contains gold particles in the composition.


Whichever type of skin a woman possesses, properly selected modern cosmetic products always help her to look beautiful. Factors such as smell, beautiful packaging, texture, are secondary. The main thing is a positive effect on the skin, a decrease in dryness, redness, and peeling.

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