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African tribes and their traditions

African tribes are of great interest to historians and researchers. In every corner of the continent you can find a unique settlement. Each such tribe has its own history, traditions and culture. Some of them abandoned the comforts of civilization and continue to live in the bosom of wildlife. Other groups, on the contrary, are gradually becoming attached to the modern mode of existence.

Macondé. These African tribes inhabit the southern part of Tanzania. Their settlements can be found in the north-east of Mozambique. The approximate population is about 700 thousand people.

This tribe has its own history. For three centuries, this people confronted the British and Portuguese colonialists, who arrived in search of African treasures, ivory and slaves. In addition, the Maconde for a long time repulsed the attacks of the warlike neighboring tribes.

All the warriors of the tribe are courageous people who are not afraid of death. Their religion asserts that, after the death of the physical envelope, the energy of the soul does not die, but is transferred to another place. That's why the residents try to keep in touch with the deceased friends and relatives, respect the memory of them.

Macondes are considered skilful sculptors. Their metal figures can be seen on a variety of exhibitions, as well as in private collections.

Nuba - wild African tribes, the number of which barely reaches 10 thousand people. This community is completely cut off from the outside world - it does not accept the influence of external civilization.

Their wedding traditions are very interesting . Every year a holiday is organized, which ends with traditional dances of girls. After the dance, each female representative comes to her chosen one and demonstrates her interest, throwing a leg over his shoulder. Next, there is sexual contact, which, by the way, does not oblige a girl to marry. Even pregnancy and childbirth are not an occasion for marriage. First, a man must build a house. If the girl agrees to move to him, then after that they can sleep together. But there is one plate begins only a year later - then the marriage is recognized as legitimate.

The Tuareg are African tribes that are considered descendants of the Berbers who once inhabited North Africa. Today, representatives of the people live in the territories of Niger, Mali, Algeria, Burkina Faso and Libya. Initially, the Tuareg led a nomadic way of life. But to date only a certain part of the tribe continues to roam the Sahara.

The traditions of African tribes are also quite interesting. To begin with, it should be noted that these are matriarchal tribes. Here, women own land and values, they are heads of houses. They also choose their husband. By the way, a divorce is possible only at the request of a woman. And although the Tuarey profess the Muslim religion, polygamy is not welcome here.

The tribal society has a very clear hierarchy. Thoroughbred Tuareg is considered an elite estate. There are also marabouts (clergymen), daga (vassals-half-bloods) and white (servants).

Touareg is often called the most proud and beautiful tribe on the continent. Another characteristic feature is the wearing of exceptionally blue clothes. Men here cover their faces, but women do not do it.

Mursi - the most aggressive African tribes with a fairly interesting, sometimes cruel culture. To date, they are populating part of Ethiopia. Here, women wear so-called labial disks. This "decoration" is considered a defense against the penetration of evil spirits.

Another interesting custom is the application to the body of relief tattoos, or scars. First, an incision is made on the skin, then rubbed into it dirt, poison, ashes and even instill larvae of insects. Thus, inflammation begins and the skin quickly cicatrizes. By the way, such scars symbolize the courage of a warrior.

African tribes are a real storehouse of interesting traditions.

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